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пятница, 6 января 2017 г.

"I'd have a facelift to FIND a fella!" Cilla Black

Don't get the wrong idea - Cilla's flirty, not dirty. By John Marrs
When Bobby, Cilla Black's husband of 30 years, died of cancer, her world fell apart. But eight years later, the star has found a new lease of life - and she wants a fella!
"I'm a terrible flirt," she admits. "I chat men up as much as they chat me up. But it doesn't always go to plan. I smiled at a guy in a bar recently. He looked great from afar, but up close he looked like Quasimodo."
And Cilla, 63, who presented Blind Date for 18 years, doesn't have just one man in her life.
"The question should really be, ‘How many men are there in my life?' " she smiles. "I have lots of acquaintances, but no one special person. I don't see myself ever getting remarried, though. If you are still in love with your husband, how can you possibly think of another man in that way?"
And although she likes to flirt, Cilla's choosy when it comes to anything else.
"I was brought up in a strict Catholic family. Sex was a mortal sin. Until lately, I was scared to go on a date because I wanted to be able to invite a man in for coffee but make it clear that was all I wanted," she reveals.
"I love a sense of humour. I wouldn't even talk to a man with dirty nails or who was boring, but now I'd settle for a man with his own prostate gland! Normally men my age don't have them. You can never finish a joke - by the time you get to the punchline, they've rushed to the toilet. Maybe I'd like a toy boy, like George Clooney. He'd be a great look on me."
And Cilla looks great, too, thanks to a personal trainer who puts her through her paces at weekends with weights and a rowing machine. The only thing is . . . she hates it.
"I long for bad weather to keep my personal trainer away from my house," she says, half joking.
"Because I'm on television, I've always been conscious of the way I look. TV cameras add 10lb to you. You are what you eat and I've always tried to look nice and groomed. It's about having pride in your appearance."
When she was 25, Cilla had a nose job - and she admits that she plans to go under the knife again.
"If I can't pull a guy, I'll definitely have it," she says. "I'd like my cheeks done as I've got a fat face. I'd never have a boob job, though. I don't think Jordan-sized ones would suit me!"
Although Cilla doesn't diet, she does count calories and uses Splenda low-calorie sweetener in recipes.
"I have a little of what I fancy and it does me good," she admits.
Since Bobby's death in 1999, she's become an international jet-setter, travelling around the world to see friends and relaxing in her homes in the USA, Spain and Barbados.
"I go wherever I've been invited," she says. "I don't think twice about jumping on a plane and travelling anywhere.
"I'll never be as happy as I was with Bobby, but I'm the happiest I've been since he died. I'm enjoying myself and having a great time."
Cilla has teamed up with Splenda low-calorie sweetener to encourage the nation to improve their knowledge of ingredients in food. To test your Ingredient IQ and for recipes, visit Splenda is made from sugar and tastes like sugar but with only 10 per cent of the calories. Happy cooking!

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