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понедельник, 23 января 2017 г.

Immediately invested, Donald Trump puts the package on polluting energies

US President Donald Trump has not wasted his time. As soon as it was invested, it announced in a statement the lifting of all restrictions on the exploitation of polluting energies.

The United States will abandon its policy of reducing polluting energies and bet on the drilling of oil and shale gas to create jobs and pay for the renovation of public infrastructure, the White House said Friday.

On the climate, President Trump "is committed to eliminating unnecessary and harmful policies such as the Climate and Water Action Plan", set up by Barack Obama, Donald Trump's predecessor, indicates a text posted On the site of the White House as soon as the new Republican president invested.

The plan, known as the Climate Action Plan, adopted in Barack Obama's second term, allowed federal standards to be adopted to eliminate the most polluting sources, such as the oldest thermal power plants, modernize power generation, Under the aegis of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to which broad powers had been granted.

In order to put the United States on the road to energy transition, it also encouraged efforts on renewable energies.

Donald Trump called global warming a "hoax"

"Lifting all of these restrictions will help US workers tremendously, raising wages by more than $ 30 billion over the next seven years," the White House argues, but says nothing about the Paris Agreement to Combat Global warming or the controversial giant pipeline project Keystone XL.
During the election campaign, Donald Trump called global warming a "hoax".
The White House also said Friday that the oil and shale drilling would resume in the United States whose reserves are estimated at 50,000 billion dollars in value, according to the White House.
"The Trump administration will embrace the shale oil and gas revolution to create jobs and bring prosperity to millions of Americans," the statement said.
The revenues derived from the exploitation of these hydrocarbons, extracted by the controversial technique of hydraulic fracturing, will be used to rebuild public infrastructures (roads, schools, bridges ...), details the White House.

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