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четверг, 12 января 2017 г.

It’s time to reveal the truth behind some old wives’ tales.

White spots on your nails mean you need to improve your diet
 FALSE “Our nails are made up of three layers – any knock or trauma makes the layers separate, which show up as white marks on the surface,” explains nail beautician Charlotte Straughan.
 TIP Strengthen your nails with Ciate’s Ready Steady Grow, £10.50.
Red lipstick isn’t for everyone
 FALSE Celebrity make-up artist Chase Aston says: “Red lipsticks can be worn by all skin tones, just wear the correct undertone and shade.”
 TIP The Body Shop’s free lip makeover tells you what your undertone is and helps you decide on a shade to suit you.
Shaving makes hair grow back quicker – and thicker
 FALSE “Hair won’t grow back faster, and any thickness is the coarse edge of the new hair,” says hair removal expert Nicola Folkard. “Waxing removes hair from the root so it takes longer to grow back and regrowth tends to be finer.”
 TIP Try Wax Away’s Advanced Strips, £4.95 for 20. Results last for up to six weeks.
Drinking water will help shift cellulite
 TRUE “For our bodies to work at their best and get rid of the toxins that cause cellulite, we should drink one large glass of still water every hour,” says Lucy Vose of The Skincare Sanctuary.
 TIP Blast lumpy skin with cold water at the end of a shower, then apply a firming treatment like Mary Cohr’s Pure Slimmer, £37, with fat-busting citrus extracts.
Botox is a poison
 TRUE “The original source of Botox is a toxic bacteria,” says Diana Towler, from Botox specialists Collagenics. “But it’s actually a tiny amount of a protein taken from the poison that’s used on the skin.”
 TIP Take an arnica supplement before having Botox to reduce the risk of bruising.
Chocolate gives you spots
 FALSE Facialist Shenaz Shariff says: “Pure chocolate can help you achieve healthier-looking skin as it contains powerful antioxidants. The trick is to nibble 70 per cent dark chocolate.”
 TIP Prone to breakouts? A salon peel treatment such as the Oxypeel Facial, from £70, will unclog pores and refine skin texture.
Using straightening irons every day is bad for your hair
 TRUE “The high temperatures can damage delicate ends,” says celebrity stylist Lee Stafford.
 TIP Use a heat-protecting spray, like Lee Stafford’s Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist, £4.99.
It’s Groom-ing marvellous!
 Groom London’s Weekly Groom Hour pampering experience means you can enjoy the luxury of two experts looking after you for 60 minutes. You’ll have a mini-facial, brow tidy, pedicure and manicure treatment before being spruced up with a little light make-up. If you book in with a friend, you can have the beauty screens pulled back so you get time to catch up on some girly gossip, too. Priced at £105.

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