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суббота, 7 января 2017 г.

Jo Whiley presents coverage for BBC Radio 1 and BBC2 from Glastonbury

To mark 40 years of the famous festival, Radio 1 DJ and Glasto die-hard Jo Whiley opens up her mud-spattered photo album

Jo with (l-r) India, Cassius and Jude

You never forget the first time

Now that's what we call crowd control
"The first time I went to Glastonbury was in 1982, when I was 17 and in the sixth form at school. I went with a bunch of mates. We got the train down from Northampton and it was pouring with rain. I remember seeing Van Morrison and drinking tons of cider. At about 5am on Sunday, when we were all drenched through, we decided to get the first train home. I remember sitting at Shepton Mallet train station in Somerset cooking bacon on a little hob we'd brought. It was an unforgettable experience. The difference between Glastonbury now and then is vast. Back then it was just one stage - it was like a cosy hamlet. Now it's like a vast city!"

We are family!

Glasto's great for big kids too!
"In 1992 I went with my husband Steve and my eldest daughter India, who was a few months old. Primal Scream and PJ Harvey, two of my favourite acts, were playing, but with a baby we spent much of our time in the children's field. To be honest, I didn't miss the music. You just have a different experience. The Kidz Field is like a fantasy land; there are helter-skelters, rides and entertainers. Once a kid goes to Glastonbury, they realise the world isn't normal at all!"

Knit one, drop one

Jake in that all-in-one
"Jake from Scissor Sisters is always a ball of hysteria. I interviewed him live on TV one Sunday in 2004 with Vernon Kay, and Jake was wearing a crocheted all-in-one. But it wasn't tightly crocheted and he wasn't wearing underwear. He completely exposed himself - Vernon's eyes were on stalks and we had to apologise to the audience!"

It's all a Blur

Jo and Coco Lux with Blur's Damon Albarn
"Seeing Blur perform last year after they'd got back together was really special. Damon Albarn was so emotional because the crowd went wild. I was so overcome watching him. I don't think he anticipated the reaction. I don't usually like it when bands get back together again because reunions are rarely as good as the first time. Blur are the exception - they sounded better than ever. The irony was that I was doing TV coverage, so I couldn't go out front, and had to experience the whole thing backstage on a TV."

No patrol

With baby Coco Lux last year
"Whenever I get in a cab, the driver always says: 'I saw you presenting Glastonbury'. It's what people know me for... most of the time anyway. In 2004, I was trying to get to the side of the stage to see Snow Patrol when security stopped me. I said: 'I'm going to be interviewing them in a minute and I work for the BBC', but they were having none of it and I missed the set. It was more than a little frustrating."

Going Gaga

GaGa gave quite a show at Glasto!
"Lady GaGa was fantastic last year. Some purists questioned whether she was the right act for Glastonbury, but she was phenomenal. There was a moment when she was straddling a motorbike on stage and, as she positioned herself to get on to this thing, she accidentally flashed the crowd - and she wasn't wearing any underwear! 'Oh golly,' I thought, 'you are definitely all woman.'"

Frock DJ

Jo and singer Paolo Nutini rock in wellies. inset: Style-setters Jo and La Roux
"You get people like Kate Moss who turn up in the teeniest shorts and amazing shoes and sunglasses, so you do feel ¿you have to make an effort. But the one thing I've learned is that it gets really cold at night so you have to have a big old Barbour jacket to wear. And wellies are essential. I have a pair of Jimmy Choo ones and, unless I find anything better than them, I'll be wearing them again this year. They are the best in the world. I've worn them so much."

Chris Martin's storytime

Singer/storyteller Chris Martin
"Coldplay headlined in 2002 and it's one of my very favourite Glastonbury moments. I'd been playing their music since they started out, I did the first interviews and they'd done a storming performance in the Radio 1 Live Lounge, so I felt very proud seeing them step out on to the main stage and hearing the crowd. I interviewed Chris Martin afterwards and asked him to say hello to India who was with me in my Winnebago. He bounded in and said: 'Uncle Chris has come to read you a bedtime story'. And he did. That he was happy to do that straight after one of the biggest gigs of his career shows what kind of a man he is."

Robbie reborn

"Robbie was amazing in 1998 with Angels, but more memorable in 1995 when he turned up bleached-blonde with Oasis after going AWOL from Take That. There was a surreal moment where I was sat around a campfire with Oasis, Jarvis Cocker and him."

India gets stuck in the mud
Rain down on me

"The worst year for weather was 1997. There was so much rain, it was incredible. But Radiohead were headlining and the rain sometimes adds to it. Their performance was electric as people sang along in the downpour. That year, I was presenting with John Peel and the mud was so deep he had to rescue me and give me a piggyback to dry land!"

Glasts from the past

The very first gathering at Glastonbury was on September 19, 1970 - 1,500 hippies met in a field the day after Jimi Hendrix died, and the £1 admission included milk from a nearby farm.
In 2000 with her fellow BBC Radio DJs
-The first ever band to perform that year were Bristol rockers Stackridge. Nope, we've never heard of them either.
-The highest attendance was in 2000, when 250,000 people descended on Worthy Farm, due to a gatecrashing epidemic. Normally just over 170,000 people attend.
-There are over 800 stalls selling everything from burgers to blankets on the 1,300-acre site.
-In case of drought (unlikely, since it's usually covered in mud), Glastonbury has two underground, terrorist-proof reservoirs that can each hold 1million litres of water.
-There have been dozens of big names down the years, but Glasto founder Michael Eavis remains desperate to see Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones perform there.
-This year, it's estimated over 85,000 people will camp at Worthy Farm. Sewage is collected nightly, stored in a 750,000-gallon lagoon and disposed of in tankers.
-Workers always find mobile phones that have been dropped down the loos. Nice!

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