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четверг, 5 января 2017 г.

Kelly Brook was snapped having lunch with her old flame, actor Jason Statham, in California

Staying mates with your former flame might seem like a good idea, but it’s a recipe for disaster.
Kelly Brook finds Jason Statham ex-cellent company

Despite having her heart broken by Brad Pitt, and admitting to "holding a little pity party" for herself, Jennifer Aniston is now reportedly crying on his shoulder about her latest is-she-isn't-she showmance with hunk-of-the-moment Gerard Butler.

And just last month, Kelly Brook was snapped having lunch with her old flame, actor Jason Statham, in California, while her current beau, rugby player Danny Cipriani, was thousands of miles away in London.
If asked, doubtless they'd say they don't want to rekindle the relationship - they're "just friends". Hmm. Maybe Mr Cipriani doesn't quite see it that way, Kel.
Because, ladies, we all know there is a certain allure about an ex-lover. You know each other's foibles, you know they once fancied the pants off you.
When you're feeling down, heading straight back to the last bloke who fell for you can be a cheaper confidence boost than a new haircut. And, unlike the trauma of meeting someone new, you already have the assurance of knowing he's not a psychopath/secretly gay/already married. No wonder sex with the ex is so common - it's safe. And you don't have to worry about whether he'll ever call you again (FYI he will - whenever he's drunk).
That's why he's often the first port of call when a new relationship breaks up. Your girlfriends will pour you Pinot Grigio and murmur: "He's not worth it," but your ex is likely to have a more forthright take on the situation. "He's a knobhead, you're gorgeous!"
So it's no wonder you press his number on speed dial when you're drunk. In your tipsy mind, he's no longer a snoring dud with oddly hairy ears. He's a long-lost love and you suddenly have a desperate urge to relight that fire.
Then there's the shared history, the easy shorthand that comes from being with someone for months, or years. Even if it ended disastrously, the pain wears off in the end and you only remember the good times.
Of course, some ex-couples really do "stay friends". Simon Cowell's best mates with all his exes. Two of them - Sinitta and Jackie St Claire - are even organising his wedding to his make-up artist, Mezhgan Hussainy. Weird, we know.
But possible, if both of you realise at exactly the same moment that seeing each other naked feels less arousing, more nudist beach.

However, generally, keeping the ex in your life can be a slow form of emotional torture not just for you, but for your new man. Let's face it, it won't do much for your current bloke's self-esteem if you're sneaking off to have cosy heart-to-hearts with your ex every five minutes.
Who doesn't admire Billie Piper's amicable split from Chris Evans and their enduring friendship? He even hosted her wedding reception when she married Lawrence Fox. But you can't tell us Lawrence is 100 per cent happy about it. What red-blooded male would be?
And we can all guess at Angelina's opinion of Brad "being there" for Jen. Put it this way, we don't think she's completely comfortable with it.
Because in reality, "staying friends" usually means there's a good chance that one of you still harbours feelings for the other. And that sounds alarm bells for any new relationship.
So listen to us when we tell you that going back to the ex is like going home to Mum and Dad's when you've maxed out your credit card - it's secure, it's familiar, and it feels strangely right. Until you suddenly recall why you broke up in the first place.
Maybe he met Angelina Jolie. Maybe his career was more important. Maybe he was rubbish at housework and utterly incapable of discussing emotions. Ultimately, however charming he is, however supportive and sexy, you only need to remember one simple fact. He's an ex for a very good reason.

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