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Kirsty Gallacher ‘My body’s not perfect but don't airbrush me'

Just 14 weeks after the birth of her second baby boy, Kirsty Gallacher is doing the unthinkable: posing in a bikini without the safety net of an airbrush.
Kirsty Gallacher's first post-baby bikini shoot

"It was important to me that my body wasn't altered at all," she explains. "I've worked hard to shape up after having Jude and I want people to see the real me. I wanted to be honest. If my body had been slimmed or stretched in anyway, then it would have misled millions of women. And the truth is, I've got two kids and am more confident than ever in my life. I feel great. I really do feel like I'm celebrating being a woman."

BEFORE: Kirsty one month after giving birth to Jude
Unlike many celebs who have become used to demanding a little post-shoot 'tweakment', Kirsty wants people to see the real her - lumps, post-baby bumps and all.
"There's no denying there is a huge pressure on women to look good even when they're pregnant, and they're expected to snap back into shape straightaway," says Kirsty. "I want to show women that they can get their bodies back, but in a sensible way."
And, in a further breath of fresh air, Kirsty admits she had to work her ass off - literally - to lose her baby weight.
OK, so few women with a toddler and a newborn to care for would have the time or inclination to exercise for 45 minutes three times a week, but Kirsty had the ultimate shape-up incentive - her wedding in July.
And as she strides in front of the camera on our shoot today, her toned legs and taut stomach are proof that all her hard work has paid off.
Gone are the giant breasts and mummy tummy she hid beneath smock tops and leggings four months ago. But despite looking jaw-to-floor gorgeous, Kirsty isn't without a few body hang-ups.
"I've practically been having panic attacks about having to take all my clothes off in front of the camera for this shoot!" she confesses. "I've still got cellulite. I've still got a bit of weight to shift.
"But," she says, pulling in her tummy and slapping one long, killer leg, "now I'm here and undressed, I'm actually pretty proud of my body."
However, that hasn't always been the case. When Kirsty had her first son Oscar, now three and a half, she dropped to under 8st just weeks after the birth, prompting critics to say she was yet another female celeb who'd dieted too far.

In reality, she'd developed a life-threatening condition called post-natal thyroiditis.
"I was suffering from an over-active thyroid, producing twice the amount of thyroxin most people do, which meant the weight dropped off," she explains. "I was exhausted, but I couldn't sleep, and I was anxious all the time. I was thinner than I'd ever been and I felt terrible.
 Without cheat days 
"It was triggered by pregnancy and it took six months to balance out. When I was expecting Jude I was really worried that it would return, but luckily I've had no problems."
While pregnant for the second time, 5ft 5in Kirsty put on 1st, going from 8st to 10st. She admits she was careful not to gain too much excess weight.
"I didn't exercise much when I was pregnant. I did some power walking and a few light weights. But I focused on eating well. Lots of proteins and salads, three meals a day, fish, chicken, soups and the occasional bit of mature Cheddar."
After the birth, she was determined that, while she wanted to get back in shape, she wanted to do it sensibly.
So, after seven weeks of eating what she wanted, Kirsty decided the time had come. Luckily for her, she has a secret weapon in the form of her fiancé, rugby star Paul Sampson, who runs a fitness company, the International Training Company.

Kirsty with son Jude, now five months
They devised an exercise plan and Kirsty was put through her paces by trainer Chris Walton. A special food programme was also put together for her by My Diet In A Box, a meal-plan delivery company.
"I built up from exercising for 20 minutes to 45 minutes at least three days a week, doing a mixture of weights, cardio, rowing and interval training.
"I also follow a pretty strict diet of raw and alkaline foods - salads, protein, fish, beans, pulses, with no sugar or canned drinks and limited dairy foods," she says.

Chris says: "Kirsty took our advice on every aspect of her health and well-being before, during and after the birth and it's paying off now."
But you'll be pleased to know that even Kirsty allows herself the odd treat.
"If you don't have a cheat day, you lose incentive and it all goes to pot. I love cheese, crispy bacon and bread. When I get the chance, I really do let myself indulge," she confesses.
Cheat days aside, though, the results of all her hard work are clear to see as she slips into another barely there piece of swimwear.
Of course, Kirsty's no stranger to bikini shoots. She did her fair share of them in her 20s when she first shot to fame in 1998 as a Sky Sports presenter.
"I never wanted to be seen as a glamour girl, which is why I totally regret doing men's magazines," she says. "But this is different. I feel much more confident posing in a bikini aged 34 and a mum of two, than I ever did when I was a 20-something.
"My body's changed. Life and pregnancy does that. But I now feel I've got something to say and my body can help me say it. I've got fat on my inner thighs, I've got a woman's bum, but all in all I'm very happy with it. I've taken control and I'm working to get myself fit and look good."
The Kirsty we see today is a world away from that cool young woman who won herself the nickname Ice Maiden.
She chats to everyone on set, thanks people profusely for bringing her cups of tea and takes one look at her Fabulous hairstyle in the mirror, whips out her diary and asks the stylist: "Can you do this look for an event I have to go to?"
She's funny, friendly and open about everything from the cellulite on her thighs - "Lots of it," she says, though we can't see any - to having to carry plastic bags around with her during her pregnancy to be sick into. "I'd be in the supermarket and suddenly feel nauseous. My pregnancy was like going through a nine-month hangover."
She's also the girl responsible for playing Cupid to her mates TV star Declan Donnelly, 34, and sports presenter Georgie Thompson, 32, who are now a couple. She grins. "They're both amazing. That was very nice to be part of."
So, has she thawed?
"I think it took a while for people to work out what I was all about. I'm not a Holly Willoughby - I couldn't do what she does. If I tried that style of presenting, I'd come across as awkward. I'm much happier doing more serious or factual programmes.

Kirsty and Paul are marrying in July
The daughter of former Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher, Kirsty enjoyed a privileged upbringing in the posh Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water, Surrey, where neighbours included the Duchess of York and Bruce Forsyth.
After studying fashion, she was spotted at a golf awards ceremony by the deputy head of sport at Sky and offered a job in TV. She started out as a production assistant, but within two years was presenting on Sky Sports, before moving on to prime-time shows Gladiators and Ant & Dec's Saturday Takeaway.
But she says it is becoming a mum that has really given her a sense of purpose.
"I admire the way Jamie Oliver has taken on the whole issue of child obesity. That's something I'd love to do from a sports angle - I'd like to take a family and show them how they can have fun with fitness and do active things together."
Of course, Kirsty has other reasons to worry about getting in shape. This summer she will marry her long-term partner, Paul, 32, who proposed when she was pregnant with Jude.
They've been together for 11 years and Kirsty says that after dropping several big hints, she'd given up hope of him ever proposing. Then, during a romantic walk on the Coniston Hall Estate in Yorkshire, Paul walked her to the end of a jetty overlooking a lake and dropped down on one knee.
"It was very romantic," she smiles. "I was so happy. I'm traditional and wanted a ring on my finger. Now our wedding's getting closer, I'm debating whether I should change my name or hang on to Gallacher."
 Paul's proud of how I look now 
The wedding will take place in Spain at the end of July and Kirsty's dress is being made by designer Suzanne Neville.
"I didn't want a huge great event - I prefer a small, happy family-holiday atmosphere," she says.
"I love my dress, but it's very tight and acted as a great incentive not to go mad when it came to eating for two! I knew I had no excuses not to try and get back into shape as soon as possible after the birth. I've got to look good."
Somehow, we think she will. She's already dropped from 10st to 8st 10lb and is back in her size-8 skinny jeans.

But she admits the man who helped whip her into shape actually finds her super-sexy when she's expecting.
"Paul loved me being pregnant. My boobs are something else then! They're huge and very pert. I think I would have felt very sexy if I hadn't always been so sick. I did look at myself in the mirror when I was pregnant and felt I'd never looked better. Paul's proud of how I'm looking now, but he always makes me feel good about myself."
Will he have long to wait for her to be super-sexy again?
She laughs: "I'm missing my bump. I look at pregnant women and envy them. I think we look most gorgeous then. I'd love to have a girl," she grins. "I think: 'Get back into shape, get married and then we'll see what happens.'"
Watch this space.

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