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среда, 25 января 2017 г.

La La Land: the critic of the Oscar favorite

After having hit a big snare drum and cymbals in Cannes in 2014 with "Whiplash", this Franco-American offers us an already cult musical.

the synopsis

In the heart of Los Angeles, an emerging actress named Mia serves cafes between two auditions. For his part, Sebastian, passionate of jazz, plays the piano in shabby clubs to ensure his subsistence. Both are far from the dream life to which they aspire ... Fate will bring these sweet dreamers together, but will their thunderbolt resist the temptations, disappointments and the hectic life of Hollywood?

the critical

A traffic jam on a motorway junction in the city of angels, motorists emerge from their metal torpor, animated by the refreshing wave of music by Justin Hurwitz. The bodies rush, vibrate, dance as stuntmen, and it is the multicolored shadow of Jacques Demy that suddenly illuminates the Californian sky. One would look almost from the look the Demoiselles de Rochefort between the colorful bodies ... The influence claimed by Damien Chazelle, this Yenkee Frenchie, gives the tempo of this enchanting musical comedy. The head in the clouds of Cherbourg, feet well anchored in the land of Hollywood golden age under the sneering glances of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse and others Ginger Rogers, "La La Land" gives us all That we loved in the great musicals of legend while bringing a modernity bluffante thanks to a scenario much more complex and profound than those of his illustrious elders.

Damien Chazelle, whose founding religion is the jazz, made his very first arms by turning, almost in catimini, a first film in black and white and in 16 mm. "Guy and Madelin on Park Bench", directed in 2010, told the love story of a jazz musician and a young student. A pitch that could almost apply to "La la Land" ... This "tip" test praised by critics appears as a preparatory sketch. The scenario of his musical under the arm, Chazelle knocks on the door of the studios and gets thrown. On the road that brings him home, he has, with rage and disappointment in the heart, the illumination of the subject that will take him to the commands of a real big production, without denying (it must be said that " He had already participated in the writing of scenarios like "The Last Exorcism Part II") ... He decides to tell his own life as a student drummer in a music academy. It will be "Whiplash" who will beat Sundance and Cannes festival-goers in 2014 before winning 3 Oscars and $ 49 million (for an initial cost of $ 3.3 million.) With this triumph, Chazelle Finally we offer "his" musical drama comedy.

Let's dance in the rain under Cherbourg umbrellas ...

If the style is of course different, the background is identical to Whiplash: how, against winds and tides, go to the end of an artistic vocation stronger than anything, stronger than love ... A man, a woman climb , Each one on the staircase of his passion (music for one, cinema for the other), will climb together the steps that will lead them to their blossoming. Backed by musical pieces of bravery that are already tubes before the film's release, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling give the best of themselves not only by dancing like (half) gods but by singing without being dubbed Chazelle: 1 / Demy: 0). Gosling who, up to now, used more of his charm than the number of his expressions, explodes the screen and climbs several degrees in the star system and ... in my esteem. For some, Damien Chazelle is a gifted man, for others, he is a genius. So let's say that at 32, this filmmaker is simply a brilliant gifted.

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