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воскресенье, 8 января 2017 г.

Lessons in love... celeb style

We love to learn from stars. Pre-GaGa, who knew pants were acceptable as outerwear? But celebs can teach us about the L word, too

Mezhgan hopes she doesn't have the ex-factor


Simon Cowell, 50, & Mezhgan Hussainy, 36
Love me, love my mum

Beware the commitment-phobe who suddenly decides he wants to settle down - a leopard doesn't change his spots that easily. If, months after popping the question, you still haven't set the date, you may be looking at a very long engagement.
When the man you intend to marry phones his mum daily and brings her along on dates, you might want to imagine what life will be like once you wed her precious boy.
If you agree to marry a man, it's normal for him to tell everyone that he's the luckiest guy in the world. But if he tells them you're the lucky one, he may have an overinflated ego.


Prince William, 28, & Kate Middleton, 28

"Ask Ma if you can have a Mr Whippy..."

When the bloke you hope to marry has to ask his dad, gran and granddad before he can pop the question, it's safe to assume you won't come first in the relationship. And if Daddy had a mistress for most of his first marriage, you'd better hope cheating isn't as hereditary as a receeding hairline!
OK, it's perfectly understandable that a man wants to take his time and be sure he's met the right girl before popping the question but eight years? You'll sooner get liver spots on your hand than get a ring on your finger.


Tiger, 34, & Elin Woods, 30

Tiger by name, tiger by nature
If his mobile-phone bill shows that he sent 200 texts in a 24-hour period - and you didn't receive any of them - you have a right to be suspicious. Chances are, he wasn't casting his vote for the Big Brother eviction.
You shouldn't be surprised when a man named after a big cat becomes a predator. Or marks his scent over a large territory.
Don't be fooled into believing a hobby, such as golf, will keep him out of trouble.
One affair, shame on him. Ten-plus affairs, shame on the woman who takes him back. Sex addiction? Pah! Cut your losses and move on girls. And like Ivana Trump once said: "Don't get mad, get everything!"


Kerry Katona, 29, & Mark Croft, 39

"She pays for it, I wear it. Everyone's a winner!"
A man who's never had much of a career plan is unlikely to knuckle down once hitched to a wealthy woman who's a bit 'scatty' with her finances.
When the working-class lad you fell in love with orders his third Ferrari on your credit card, you know he's not going to stick by the 'for poorer' part of your wedding vows.
When nobody - from your mum to the milkman - likes your bloke, it might be time to have a rethink.


Cheryl, 26, & Ashley Cole, 29

Everyone loves Cheryl... except Ashley
If you're married to one of the richest men in sport and earn a decent wage yourself, question why he buys a pay-as-you-go phone.
Once a cheat, always a cheat. Any woman who gives an unfaithful man a second chance usually lives to regret it.
Don't do the dirty on the nation's sweetheart. It won't make people like you - especially when you weren't that popular to start with!


Brad Pitt, 46, & Angelina Jolie, 35

One look at that weirdy-beardy and we wouldn't be smiling either
Even the world's most handsome man can let himself go, ending up with a giant beard and Swampy's wardrobe. Don't let him get too comfortable.
Exes can cast a shadow over a relationship - especially when they're stunning, unlucky in love and a bit needy.
Any woman who buys her son a knife and once kissed her brother in public isn't likely to be the most traditional of partners.

When you meet your new fella at work, and he ditches his wife and then shacks up with you, can you ever really trust him 100 per cent round the vending machine again?

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