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вторник, 3 января 2017 г.

Love quiz: Lust, lies & married men

Making moves on married men and refusing to be seduced by money - the results are in.

Ex-rated sex

When you get hot and heavy in the bedroom, it seems that your current partner isn't necessarily enough to keep you satisfied. Over 25 per cent of you have fantasised about getting sexy with an ex while you're making out with your lover. If only your partners knew! Not content with just dreaming about someone else, over half of you believe you can actually love two people at the same time. Naughty minxes.
Your cheatin' hearts
A third of you have taken your fantasies one step further and have been unfaithful to your partners.
"I've cheated more than once," one of you confessed. "I was overwhelmed by their magnetic personalities and had to stray. It was purely physical chemistry. And one time it caused me to break up an engagement but I was so in love, I couldn't eat or sleep - he totally bowled me over."
But seeing someone on the side hasn't always made you happy. "One night, I got very drunk and slept with a friend, resulting in a three-month affair," one woman told us. "My boyfriend forgave me and we're back together, but it's the biggest regret of my life."

*40% of you are attracted to bad boys*

The other women
And it turns out that you're not just having flings with sexy singletons. Nearly a quarter of you admitted to being a married man's mistress. Bad girls!
Forgive and forget?
Although love (supposedly) means never having to say you're sorry, 39 per cent of you would forgive an affair if you really loved your partner. Probably because almost the same amount of you have cheated yourselves. Is that a guilty conscience talking?
He's The One
On the positive side, many of you do seem to think that love conquers all. Nearly three-quarters of you still believe in 'The One'. Forget settling for Mr Right Now - as advocated recently by American author Lori Gottlieb in her book, Marry Him: The Case For Settling For Mr Good Enough - you're holding out for Mr Right. And as 61 per cent of you believe in love at first sight, you'll know him when you see him!

*61% believe in love at first sight*

Dangerous liaisons
Let's just hope Mr Right isn't a bad boy -nearly 40 per cent of you admit continually falling for men who aren't good for you.
"They always break my heart," one of you confessed, "but I can't help myself."
They may ooze sex appeal, but ladies be warned - it's going to end in tears.
Can't buy you love
No amount of Gucci handbags or Jimmy Choos would persuade you to date someone. That's right, cash won't buy your love - with a whopping 93 per cent of you refusing to let money be the reason you marry or even fall for someone.

*33% of you have cheated on your partners*

No sex please, we're in love

Almost all of you - a whopping 95 per cent - believe that true love is more important than sex. And 84 per cent agree that you can be in love while not having good sex with the person you're in love with.
"A relationship that's held together just by sex is doomed to fail should either partner lose interest for emotional or physical reasons," says one reader.
"Sex is great, but love makes it even better. Sex without love is good, but not as good as love without sex," adds another.
'It's idealistic to say love is more important than sex'
Tracey Cox
Relationship expert Tracey Cox says: "More people than ever are having affairs and marriage rates have gone down - but I don't think we're ever going to give up on love. It's great that women still believe in true love, but stats have shown that having good, regular sex does account for about 25 per cent of the happiness in a relationship. Women are being a bit idealistic if they think that love is more important than sex. It's a vital part of a healthy, loving partnership.
Long-term, the hormones that make sex exciting settle down as you relax into the security of the relationship. You have to work to keep the passion alive. It comes down to a combination of talking about it, willingness to try new things and making time for sex and each other.
It's when the passion goes that men - and, increasingly, women - are drawn to being unfaithful. In an ideal world, you'd be able to combine both excitement and security long-term with your partner, but that's not realistic. As women become more independent, they don't need a man to provide for them in the way their parents' generation might have. They're sexually confident and prepared to find pleasure, even if that means looking outside of their relationships.
And it comes as no surprise that women are fantasising about their exes, even when they're married. Married sex inevitably settles down into a routine of sorts, so you might compare it with the wild sex that you used to have with your ex. The important thing is that it remains just that, a fantasy, because it's not worth risking a good relationship for. Your ex is an ex for a reason, after all.
Women need to grow up a bit and take responsibility for what makes them happy. Everyone knows that sleeping with a married man or constantly falling for a bad boy isn't going to end in happily ever after.
Relationships aren't perfect, they have to be worked at. And hopefully we'll learn to do that a bit more this decade."
Tracey's new book, Supersex For Life, is out now (Dorling Kindersley, £14.99).

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