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четверг, 5 января 2017 г.

Madagascar: Nature in majesty

Basking bohemian way is the new credo of hippie chic tourism. Heading north of the Big Island, upsetting continent to escape from white beaches and discover the wildlife.

The secret was well kept long. Some insiders were whispering the name of Tsarabanjina. Still had to show their credentials to set foot on this confetti lost off Nosy Be. Enter the "short list", make friends with the friends of the lodge's boss. Richard Walker, crazy dive, hippie and South African adventurer, found this small island virgin in the early 1990s and secured a lease for thirty-two years to make his kingdom and perhaps spend his life.

With the help of a mason, a carpenter and a few locals, he built himself a few years eight bungalows for clients handpicked. He prefers to sleep on the beach and is dressed in a simple sarong. Whimsical and bohemian, hedonistic more a manager, he must end the nice story for lack of money.He eventually sell its mini-paradise, which, he promises, he will never return.

The Mauritian hotel group Constance became manager in 2006, streamlines, developed by touches and just renovated the necessary without distorting the soul nor the unique charm of the place. For it is a little hidden gem, the treasure of the brochure Constance, with six other resorts and 5 star hotels in the Indian Ocean, including the mythical Belle Mare and Lemuria (see below).

A lagoon and seabed thousand wonders.© DR
Unconventional and wild, with three pocket beaches and bungalows drowned in vegetation, Tsarabanjina today redefines a contemporary luxury. "Here, it is the future. I bet that even in ten years, we will be prepared to pay a fortune for a cold shower and a night under the tent."Arnulphy Henry, director of the island-hotel, a little strength trait but predicted the" back to basics "trend for customer saturated images and communication, paradoxically lack of emotion and human contact .Besides, when we landed on the island after a half hour boat ride from Nosy Be, is jumping straight into the water. There is no dock to dock, and that changes everything.

From its private terrace, is immersed directly into the lagoon, taking care not to step on the turtle nests, localized by the staff with a wooden stake driven into the sand. A hammock sways in the breeze between two coconut trees. The frigates twirl in the sky. These birds are the kings of the Mitsio archipelago, such as lemurs, chameleons, whales and a generous and extraordinary marine wildlife to be discovered thanks to Tsarabanjina diving center. A la carte, fruit and vegetables come from a vegetable Nosy Be because the volcanic island of 4 hectares is not very fertile. And if, despite the luxury of the place, we kindly refuses to serve you lobster you dream while it abounds in the surrounding reef is that it's not the fishing season. A transient frustration to preserve the most precious: the future of a small corner of the planet ...

Tsarabanjina, from 2245 Euros per person 8 days 5 nights all inclusive (meals, mini-bar and laundry), including flights and transfers.
CHARM GROSS discover on Instagram, one of the 25 bungalows of the lodge, Rosewood and thatched roof.
Good plan
Sweet price on Air Madagascar. AR rates from 794Euros for flights until 30 June 2017.
Lemuria and Belle Mare, renaissance two myths
In 1999, he was the first 5-Stars of Seychelles. Overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches on Praslin, the legendary Lemuria was able to integrate into an extraordinary environment, combining ultra-luxury and pioneering spirit. After months of renovation, it opens in a few days, restyled and more attractive thanks to the work of Adnet Hertrich and architects. This Parisian tandem, broken in the decoration of great hotels, Bali, Mexico, has also awakened the Belle Mare, Mauritius resort Constance, a vitamin and contemporary spirit echoing through his prints and materials, with the lush Nature that surrounds it.


Lemurs Indri Indri, the largest of the island.© Rijasolo / RIVA PRESS
When Richard Branson came to stay at Anjajavy, he immediately wanted to buy this peninsula at the end of the world. The owner, Cédric de Foucault did not crack, but includes Thunderbolt billionaire. "Few places in the world offer such an authentic and intimate contact with biodiversity, says that hard to preserve. It also reflects the sweetness of a people. "Located in the heart of the Sakalava Menabe territory, in the northwest of Madagascar, lined creeks blond and blue of the Mozambique Channel, Anjajavy is a nature reserve 7000 hectares. On the beach villas strung 24 foot water siglées Relais & Châteaux.Ambiance Robinson 5 Stars. birds of paradise, love birds, ibis, chameleons, iguanas ...: here, the bestiary is king.

At breakfast time or tea, lemurs come to greet travelers. Free and wild, these acrobats join the most budding trees to feast. Boat ride in Moramba Bay to approach the sacred baobab, giant inflated the body nesting Malagasy noble eagles, endangered. There is also the tsingys, these limestone forests on the water which sometimes take a mushroom shape. Ashore, botanical walks (guided) amid the precious essences are incredible beauty. And if you feel like bubbling, room for massages facing the ocean. Or privatize one of seven coves to enjoy the Eden two ... Anne-Cécile Beaudoin

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