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среда, 4 января 2017 г.

Paris-New York in less than 3:30: the betting "Boom", Concorde future

The start-up Boom presented to the press a supersonic aircraft designed for commercial flights. It would be able to cross the 2300 km / h.

13 years after the retirement of Concorde, the US start-up trying to resurrect Boom supersonic commercial flights. On November 15, she presented in Denver (Colorado) a prototype that would be able to browse the Paris-New York-distance in less than 3:30.

To do this, the cuckoo will carry the latest available technologies.Compared to its big brother, it will be lighter, more aerodynamic and more fuel efficient as well, claimed the company. "The Concorde was a technological marvel but its operating costs were very important, particularly because of its fuel efficiency," says Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of the manufacturer, quoted by "Le Monde" . The price of a transatlantic flight would amount to 5,000 dollars, "almost half less than last flights on the Concorde."

The first tests of 2017  

In detail, it is learned that the plane will reach a cruising speed of Mach 2.2, or 2335 km / h. With this pace, the company says it can spin almost three times faster than conventional aircraft Airbus A320 line, significantly shortening flight times. However, the supersonic aircraft can carry only 45 passengers (100 for the Concorde). "It's similar to the number of business class seats and first class on long-haul," explains the boss.

The "Guardian" says that the Virgin Group, owned by billionaire Richard Branson , plans to buy the first ten machines produced by Boom. "As an innovator in the space sector, the decision to work with Boom was easy.We are delighted to have optioned the first 10 Boom devices. Through the branch of manufacture of Virgin Galactic's Spaceship Company, we will provide engineering services and manufacturing, and will conduct flight tests as part of our joint ambitions, "said Richard Branson British newspaper. "The world" explains another manufacturer, this time European, would be interested by 15 aircraft.

The future supersonic aircraft Boom expected to first test phase by the end of 2017. The company hopes to start commercial flights in 2023.

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