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среда, 25 января 2017 г.

Sienna Miller blows up the bank. Perfect as a gangster girl in "Live by Night" by Ben Affleck

Perfect as a gangster girl in "Live by Night" by Ben Affleck, the ex-top model now seduces the greatest filmmakers, from Clint Eastwood to James Gray.And it's not a hold-up!

"I was a top model that made the actress so, in the heads of people, I did not really have talent ..." Sienna Miller has the merit of frankness. Revealed to the world at the turn of the century as a model, she became the new Kate Moss. In less trash. Then she will carry this early career as a burden, making headlines for her privacy, not for her films, sympathetic productions but without real added value. Ben Affleck finally opens the door of the big roles to 35 years.

"I think this rebirth comes from elements outside the cinema," she says. And that's true. She has toured many American independent films, alongside Nick Cassavetes and Steve Buscemi, but the general public only remembers her in Hollywood-style products such as "Irresistible Alfie" (she falls in love with Jude Law during filming ) Or "GI Joe." The awakening of the cobra ". She even recounts being chosen in this role of villain for her only plastic. "Since I was an actress, I have always wanted to be bold. But people knew of me only the eddies of my private life [Jude Law and she will make one of the tabloids of the whole world when the actor confesses to have had an affair with the nanny of the family]. This clouded the perception we had of myself, but today all this has subsided. "

Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller© © 2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
And the beautiful roles are linked. She is Emma Gould, in "Live by Night", a film of gangsters in the great American tradition, adapted from Dennis Lehane ("They live at night"). A film that plunges little by little into the introspection of characters in search of redemption. What has really happened so that the cinema community finally recognizes it? "I understood that I had to fight to work with those I admired.
 No matter the cost. It ended up paying. And then, great directors take an interest in you and talk to each other. This is the domino effect. I know that Ben had the idea of ​​proposing the role to me by discussing with Clint Eastwood ... "Sienna Miller also takes the wayside. She made several television appearances (in "The Girl" in 2012, she plays Tippi Hedren, the muse of Hitchcock) and in French productions directed by Rachid Bouchareb or Géraldine Nakache ("We York"). She'd still like to go home? "I would dream of making a film with Leos Carax, Jacques Audiard or Luc Besson," she says.

The secret garden of Sienna Miller is music. In 2015, she surprised more than one by taking over the role of Sally Bowles in "Cabaret" on Broadway. "I play the piano and the guitar, I compose songs, but nobody has ever heard anything outside my house. "Cabaret" made me change. I even think about going on stage and playing my music. She explains how to prepare her roles with music playlists, to get in shape. For "Live by Night", she listened to many Django Reinhardt. What one knows less is that Sienna bathed child in the music, his mother was the personal assistant of David Bowie. "I watched him a lot, although at the time I was not aware that he was a global icon. It was fascinating to watch. I would even go so far as to say that his disappearance, last year, almost makes death more welcoming ... "

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