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понедельник, 2 января 2017 г.

Top 10: The best places to spend the winter in the sun in 2017

You dream of escape but not ski or hot chocolate. The sun you missing?What better than to barter his usual trip to the mountains to spend their winter holidays in the sun?

"There's the Seychelles that life is beautiful"
A heavenly landscape, like in the movies. Long fine white sand beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean and its turquoise water. Palm trees, sun of nature. You can make boat trips, from scuba diving, visit the coves, relax and eat well. More recently reread a direct flight to Paris Mahé (only 9 hours flight) to soar and be in paradise in so little time. How to resist?Nothing better to get away and get away completely. 

For a price from 1200 euros per person (flight and breakfast included).  
Cuba holiday full of stories
Because on this island the sun shines almost all year, treat yourself and walk in the footsteps of Che . Located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea you can go to the beach but of course also to cultural and artistic tours.This so different environment guarantees a total change; street art, the music, the colors of which take eyeful. 

More affordable, you will find guest rooms in the heart of Cuban culture with flights included from 950 euros per person. 
Mauritius, the ultimate destination
Located in East Africa, Mauritius is the pinnacle of travel, sun and beautiful beaches, we are in heaven on earth. Beautiful lagoons, white sandy beaches and fine. A water bath temperature. What walk on land as on water, for relaxation at the top.

Destination a little more expensive than the average then you can count about 1,500 euros per person for the flight and hotel. 
Cambodia, original and enjoyable
Cambodia is a journey out of the ordinary. Indeed, going to the sun is good, but when there is land to visit, to know a culture or even a story to discover is even better. This is what offers these Southeast Asia land.Temples, beaches, forests and especially an unusual architecture. Take a real holiday, côtoyiez these lifestyles so different from ours and come back with a different approach to the world. 

From 600 euros depending on the time (and flight catering included).
Sri Lanka, sun and tolerance
India and its beauty, scenery, culture, history, colors ... We are in the change of scenery. A paradise for nature lovers with its wildlife and lush vegetation. You can make safaris, hiking and more. The welcome and warmth make your magical encounters. This country is tolerance: different religions and customs coexist. Sri Lanka also has beautiful beaches with fine sand. Enough to satisfy all desires. 

From 700 euros per week (including hotels and flights). 
French Polynesia: Air change to French
Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huanine and Raiatea, Tahaa: try the other side of the world and take real holidays. Go to organized stays longer than 15 days you visit 3 or more islands. You have to do anything but organizers do everything for you. Let yourself be carried by the turquoise blue waters and tour of this beautiful archipelago. From 3000 euros per person all inclusive (flights, hotels, meals, transfers).

You'll head and free spirit but remember for many luxuriate in the sun, swimming in the warm blue waters and mingle with the culture of these unforgettable lands. 
The Maldives, while is still time 
with the rising waters, the Maldives are threatened with extinction. In South Asia (451 kilometers south of India) consisting of 1199 islands of which 202 are inhabited. The beaches are without doubt the most beautiful of the world, water is 1001 shades of blue breathtaking. The constructions are often on the water, hotel rooms and towns are built on stilts. The concept is to be as close to paradise, stand feet in the water (and not in a figurative sense). The place is perfect for diving enthusiasts or those in search of romance.

Less affordable but happiness is. From 2500 euros up to 5,000 euros per person depending on the time (flight and hotel included). 
Indonesia between rice fields, beaches, volcanoes and forests
Sulawesi, Bali, Kalimantan and many others ... Indonesia full of places to discover. Its plurality and diversity, it forms the core of global tolerance (360 ethnic groups speaking over 250 different languages) 
Bali, one of the most legendary of its culture and beauty it offers.

Indeed its cultural heritage and history are different. This island "gods" stands out in the midst of a predominantly Muslim archipelago, in fact, it consists of 95% Hindus enough to learn about this religion that we sometimes unknown. The sea, beach, sun, rice fields and expanses of fields, temples and architecture are its extraordinary charm.
From 1500 euros (including all fees). 
The Morocco for a winter camel
What a beautiful country and so close to us, a 3 hour flight for radical change. If in winter the sun is not at its peak, in Morocco the temperature is just right. Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, Fez and many other cities to see. A very affordable price for fantastic quality services. Landscapes that vary by city, sublime diversity from the coast where we have the beach and the sea to deserts, orange fields up to the total planning. Colors, smells, the famous soucs, beauty of language, music and history.

At the top: the food, which promises a very varied trip more wonderful than the heart of flavors. To top it off, the Moroccans are warm and friendly and have a sense of hospitality. 
If you want to stay close, cheap and be on good time take the opportunity.   
From 300 euros per person . 
Argentina, ice and fire
vast country and so much to do, and you, for what you are going to indulge?

The wonders of Patagonia, the North West, the Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires? What a trip to Argentina, the land of tango, gauchos and pampas, all these different landscapes together in one country will appeal to holidaymakers looking for a change of scenery. Its culture marked by its rich history makes this country an ideal place to spend unforgettable moments. Also visit the capital and its exceptional architecture influenced by its colonial past. Its vast shopping streets, Tango shows or Teatro Colon are simply sublime. On an air of Latin spend holidays in dancing and singing ... you will take full eyes.
Stay from 3,500 euros per person.
As many destinations which one can resist. So, skiing and mountain against the sun and the beach is barter?  

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