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понедельник, 23 января 2017 г.

Top 10 projects of the year 2016-2017

We offer you a selection of the wildest projects that were presented during the year 2016.

1. The Flying Yacht

This is the future of the ships for super-rich. The boat that flies over the waves. At the stop, it unfolds to offer the feeling of being on a "private island" according to its designer, Jonathan Schwinge. Inouï.

2. Skyacht, the most luxurious cuckoo in the world

Based on the principle that boats are often the most elegant means of transport, Eddie Sotto imagined the Skyacht, a "flying yacht". Mahogany cabin in trompe-l'oeil, interior marquetry inspired by the Italian know-how of the fifteenth century, addition of portholes-ceilings in brass ... It is no longer a plane, it is a jewel case.

3. Breakthrough Starshot, conquering extraterrestrial life

Zuckerberg, Hawking and Milneront have invested more than $ 100 million in the Breakthrough Starshot project, which will use the world's most powerful telescopes to detect signals from the depths of space.

4. The Animal Cloning Plant

At the head of the Chinese group Boyalife, Xu Xiaochun, 45, inaugurated the largest animal cloning center to feed 1.3 billion Chinese beef. His next step? Human cloning. "The technology is ready. Opinion not yet, "he said.

5. A guy wants to create a city between the United States and Russia

It's probably the craziest project to connect the Bering Strait. To bring the two continents together, the architect Manal Rachdi imagined a habitable dam. A Pharaonic ambition of a cost of 1,350 billion euros for which he literally wants to spread the waters!

6. The billionaire who wants to kill cancer

He developed Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg and revolutionized the music industry with Napster then Spotify. Becoming a billionaire, the one who defines himself as a "pirate philanthropist" has decided to tackle a health scourge: cancer. Like a start-up. Quick and strong.

7. The floating city of tomorrow

Architects have imagined the city of the future: a completely removable ecological city with hydroponic cultures under domes to feed the population.

8. He wants to build a city on Mars

Elon Musk presented his plan to colonize the planet Mars: He counts, via his company SpaceX, to transport humans in huge spaceships, called "Interplanetary Transport System", in which will find a restaurant, cabins, and adapted games To the absence of gravity. Price of the outward ticket: 200 000 dollars.

9. Tesla Gigafactory: the crazy factory of Elon Musk

It will be the largest battery factory on the planet. After revolutionizing online payment with PayPal, the car with Tesla and access to space with SpaceX, Elon Musk intends to upset in this Nevada building two pedestals of our time: energy and production methods in general .

10. The doctor mirror

Announced in 2018, Semeoticons' Wize Mirror, on which researchers from eleven European countries are working, is a smart ice-cream that will allow you to self-test each morning. And so to rectify in real time his lifestyle. It will be a question of prevention rather than of cure. Notably cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of death in the world.

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