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понедельник, 13 февраля 2017 г.

3 Tips to be More Casual with Clients

You always hear the principle, “business is business”. And we all know better than to be personal when it comes to anything professional. But then there are customers these days who are looking for more than just a negotiation, and sometimes a little informality is what it takes to close a deal. Find the right formula of personality and business, and you can hit the jackpot with your business.
People become customers when they start to relate to you. Once customers see something about your business they identify with, they get pulled in to your circle of potential market buyers or clients.
Add a little touch of personalization on your marketing tools. Some people are getting into putting their pictures in business cards. It might sound cheesy but you gotta admit adding a face to a name has more chances of recall.
Give gifts on special occasions. Customers and clients want to be taken care of so make sure you remember them on their birthdays and on important holidays. It doesn’t hurt to be a little more generous than your competition.
Make announcements. Nowadays, it’s easier to announce because of email, flyering and making phone calls. or even posting on your website. Why not making it a habit to update all your contacts about what’s new with your business? Make sure to include sales promos, upcoming events and company restructuring. The simple sentence, “Keep in touch.” will ensure that your customers will remain to be your friends, and vice versa.

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