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суббота, 11 февраля 2017 г.

3 Tips to Win Back Your Ex

People say that regret comes in the end and ain’t it true! But then we’re just human and people make mistakes. But when your girlfriend tells you that she’s finally done with you–don’t waste any time on regret. Do what you can to win her back! Here’s 3 tips on how to do it!
Whose fault is it, really? Forget the past issues and focus on the recent argument. Whose fault is it this time? If you’re the one to blame, humble yourself. Sorry is the hardest thing to say but being smug about it will not bring you closer to forgiveness. Identify exactly your mistake (Were you overly jealous? Were you possessive? Were you unfair to him?) and promise never to repeat the same mistake again.
Pursue her again. After you’ve given your sincere apologies, you have to exert a lot of effort to win her back! Be visible. Visit her often, bring her flowers and other stuff she likes. Call her often, take her to dinner (in places other than cheap diners or fastfood restaurants) -things you used to do back when you were just courting her. It’s gonna melt her heart.
Show her you’re serious with your promise. Weeks after making your promise, show that you have renewed your character. This will assure her that you’re also very serious in getting her back. Seek the help of your common friends to testify for you that you have indeed changed.

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