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среда, 8 февраля 2017 г.

Cleaning Rain Gutters

There are areas in the house where cleaning becomes a real pain in the neck. Among them is the rain gutter. But we all know the grave consequences if we just ignore this task. So if you decided to DIY, keep in mind these pointers.
Can you work on a ladder? The risk of cleaning gutters is that you must be able to clean while on a ladder. So don’t use any rickety ladder because what you need is a sturdy one, probably a stepladder or something safer.
Can you work while on the roof? This is an alternative if your roof isn’t slippery and if the weather allows for it.
Put on some safety gear -goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands.
Remove large debris first with a small trowel. But make sure you don’t just let it fall from the roof, lest you hit someone’s head from the ground.
Clear the drainpipes. Use an auger to pull debris from the pipe.
Wash out the mud and other small mess with hose. Make sure the pressure of rushing water does not destabilize your position on the ladder.
Clean gutters regularly. When gutters and drainpipes stay clogged for a long time, it will rot those that are made of wood and the metal ones will get rusty.

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