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суббота, 25 февраля 2017 г.

Fabulous bootcamp: Web editor Phoebe survives her second week of bootcamp

DAY 6:
It's Saturday and instead of lazing in bed until midday and then getting up for brunch, I'm up, dressed and at Frame in time for my 10am Vibe class - impressive, eh? I'm starting to get used to the bizarre sensation of the vibrating plate, and I seem to be getting a little bit better at holding the various positions as my muscles slowly get stronger (although my instructor tells me I'm still on the easiest setting on the machine - ah well, small steps and all that!)
Vibe is followed by 45 minutes of 'Body Conditioning' and It. Is. Hell. Our instructor is the tiny and enthusiastic Diana, who smiles cheerfully while ordering us to do squats, lunges and lifts with weights (I am so weak, I go for the lightest weights, and even then it's a struggle.) By the end of this gruelling session my legs feel like jelly
The diet isn't going too badly - I haven't felt hungry at all as I've been snacking on brazil nuts and oat cakes. Initially dinners were really boring, but I soon made some exciting discovers like sweet potatoes are really nice baked in the oven and served with tuna and a dash of low fat creme fraiche! Saturday night's dinner was smoked salmon and scrambled eggs - yummy!
After 10 days without red meat, bread, pasta, cheese, wine or potatoes I find I barely miss them at all, which is a complete revelation as my diet was pretty much solely based on those not-too-healthy food groups. Now the thought of eating something greasy, meaty or sugary doesn't excite me (although I must confess I'm already planning my first post-diet dinner: Steak? Chips? Red wine? Bring. It. On!)
Day 8:
Monday morning. Drizzle. Vibe. Need I say more.
Day 9:
Ah, bouncing around on a tiny trampoline before work - always a pleasure. Actually I'm starting to develop a sneaking affection for Rebound - it's really nice jumping on the trampoline because your joints are cushioned from jolting and although I'm hopelessly uncoordinated and always seem to be doing the opposite to everyone else in the room, I do feel like I'm getting a proper, heart-racing, out-of-breath workout.
Day 10:
Ok, tonight was seriously gruelling. I entered a room full of exercise bikes for my first 'Ride' class and I'd only just clambered on to one, when our instructor had us pedalling madly to pumping house music, all the while turning a dial on the bike so you felt you were slogging up a hill - fun! I accidentally kicked one of the pedals and it scraped down my shin, and I almost fell off a couple of times while I was frantically scrabbling for my water bottle.
And the night wasn't over then - oh no! I had another 25 minute Vibe class immediately afterwards. Glutton for punishment, anyone?
Day 11:
Friday night and the end is in sight! Another Rebound class - how hard could it be, I foolishly scoffed. Well, it turned out this was a 45 MINUTE class rather than the usual half hour. So the answer was, pretty damn hard.
Day 12:
And to finish my two-week Emergency Bootcamp, one final Vibe class. I can actually feel muscles where once there were none - it's not too hideously painful doing the 'plank' position (basically a prolonged push-up - hideous), or attempting sit-ups. There was one slightly embarrassing moment when I couldn't do the 'hold ball above head and twist from side to side while doing lunge' manoeuvre and had to be given a more basic exercise to do - oh dear! But all in all, a satisfying way to end. And tomorrow, it's the weigh in....

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