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пятница, 17 февраля 2017 г.

Four Self-motivating Tips

We all go through stress and bouts of depression, but not all of us can get over it fast enough. In this day and age where everyone has hectic schedules and our best friends are almost always too busy to cheer us up, we have no one but ourselves to get us out of the puddles of misery. Take a look at these tips to boost your spirit.
Control your thoughts. I know thoughts can be so random but you have to stop yourself when you find negative thoughts flashing in your mind one after the other. Talk to yourself and say STOP. Saying it loud is more effective rather than just thinking of stopping. So what if others think you’re being weird? At least it works.
Keep a list of your assets and take a peek at your past achievements to boost your ego when you need it.
Take care of yourself. If you always feel tired and weak, you’re bound to be trapped in a sour mood. Being healthy is linked to feeling good which is why you should make sure you’re always in your best form
Choose which criticism you’ll attend to. Snub off bad feedback from jerks but reflect on the constructive criticism of people you respect. Jerks are out to pull you down so why bother with their comments?

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