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пятница, 3 февраля 2017 г.

How to Minimize Fire Hazards Caused by Smoking

The last time, we posted this bit on getting rid of the smell of cigarette fumes inside your house. Well, we missed the opportunity to mention that cigarette smoking inside your home is not only a health hazard but a fire hazard too. If you’re too stubborn to quit smoking, then at least make the effort not to make your vice a hazard for anyone else living in your home.
Avoid smoking inside your home as much as possible. Careless smoking is known to be one of the causes of home fires. Besides, you are just filling the house with your toxic second-hand smoke.
If you smoke on the porch or balcony, be sure to still use an ash tray - a really big and heavy one. Make sure that the ash tray never overflows. And when emptying your tray, be sure that the contents are cool.
Never ever smoke in bed or any place where you are likely to doze off. A cigarette can burn for quite a long time. If by any chance you knock it on your sheets, you might get smoldered in bed - not a great way to die!
Be sure that children do not get access to your cigarettes or any lighting implements like matches and lighters. Many home fires have been caused by parental neglect in keeping these items safe.

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