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среда, 1 февраля 2017 г.

No wonder celebs snap back into shape with a personal trainer and chef on hand. But what about real mums?

Clare Malloy, 29, charts the highs and lows of a real post-baby shape-up

Clare nine months pregnant and 13st 5lb
April 30, 2009
It's official I am huge. Not fat you understand, I'm pregnant. I'm nine months pregnant and weigh 13st 5lb. My midwife says I'm "healthy and normal". Healthy and normal for a beached whale maybe!
I'm excited about becoming a mum, but can't believe how big I've become.
I worked so hard to slim down to a trim size 12 for when I married Andrew, 28, an engineer, in 2008. I was a toned 11stone 5lbs then. I got pregnant on our honeymoon.
Now, I'm totally bloated. My face is puffy, my breasts have ballooned from a 34C to an unbelievable 38G and I've got at least two chins.
Still, a healthy baby means that every stretch mark, every extra pound is going to be worth it.
I'm not expecting to get my body back weeks after I give birth. I won't have a nanny or trainer like A-list mums, but I do hope I'll be able to start exercising again within a few months.
My diet's been healthy. I've tried to avoid eating for two and I've made sure I've filled up on fruit and vegetables. Well, there has been the occasional treat, too. Like a few scoops of ice cream. And the odd cake. And a few KitKats...
May 8, 2009
Gorgeous baby William was born today at 1am, weighing 7lb 13.5oz. While he's perfect, his arrival wasn't. I needed help to get him out, I had an episiotomy, so the midwife could use a ventouse, a vacuum device which attached to the baby's head, to help deliver William.
Thankfully, he arrived safely, but as my placenta was delivered, I started to haemorrhage. I lost a litre of blood and they're keeping me in hospital for a week. Andrew has been brilliant. But I feel like I've been hit by a truck! Still, I have a healthy baby boy. He's worth all that and more.
June 10, 2009
I'm back home but instead of power walking with the pram I'm feeling tender, frazzled and fat.
Permanently glued to the sofa feeding William, I currently weigh 12st 7lb, and I'm a size 14. I've been on the scales, but really my weight's the last thing on my mind.
I've been given a healthy eating plan by a nutritionist, but swapping white bread for wholemeal and weighing out portion sizes are very low on my list of priorities. I just don't have the time, or the energy to cook properly really.
Being a first time mum is brilliant, but overwhelming.
Some days it gets to 1pm and I'm still breastfeeding William in my PJs. So, when Andrew gets in from work, he'll stick a pizza in the oven. No intricate juicing, like Jordan's post baby diet, is required.
He'll often find me on the sofa with my two favourite things - William and a packet of KitKats. I just need that sugar hit to get me through the day.
I'm so tired from breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. But whenever I look into William's blue eyes, or drink in his milky smell, I can't imagine life without him. The diet can wait.
Clare's progress from June 2009 to January 2010

June 20, 2009
The health visitor came round today for my six-week check and started talking to me about contraception.
I burst out laughing. Sex? Is she mad! "You're joking aren't you?" I splutter. "It's going to be a while before we'll be doing anything like that again!"
I'm feeling really self-conscious about my body. I've got cellulite that stretches to my knees and lumps and bumps all over.
But as I'm rarely out of my pyjamas, Andrew's not had much chance to see my post-baby bod. Thank God!
When we go to bed, all we want to do is sleep!
Clare and baby William
July 5, 2009
The only exercise I've managed so far is breast-feeding. My health visitor told me it's helping burn up calories. And when William feeds I can almost feel my tummy shrinking, just a shame I've got such a lot of flab.
I wish I had time to bounce around the room to my Davina McCall fitness DVD, but I just don't. I've thought about it, but then William cries or the phone rings and I just have to forget it. I just don't have any me-time. And, I don't have any energy for exercise classes.
If I do get a few minutes, I jump in the shower and attempt to put some make-up on, that's preferential to getting sweaty doing some star jumps.
August 10, 2009
I've got two new men in my life. Ben and Jerry. I just can't help giving in to the temptation of their Chocolate Macadamia ice cream after spotting it on offer in the supermarket.
When William's in bed and Andrew's working late, I settle down with a tub and don't stop eating until it's empty.
It's not exactly going to help me slim into skinny jeans any time soon. Despite my best intentions, my exercise regime consists of lifting a spoon to my mouth. Because of my new-found love affair, my pre-pregnancy clothes are confined to the wardrobe.
And instead of slimming, I've put on around 7lb, taking me to a hefty 13st. I was slimmer just after I'd given birth.
My arms were skinnier, my face had de-puffed, and even though I was tired, I was happy.
Now, I'm back in my maternity wear, using elasticated waistbands and slouchy tops to hide my jelly belly.
I'd love to slink into a strappy summer dress, but I can't¿ I look awful. If I'm honest, I'm feeling pretty down about my figure. Celeb mums make it look so easy. They're always back in bikinis within weeks. A bikini! I cringe when I see myself once I step out of the shower! Thankfully, I can't imagine any paparazzi wanting to take pictures of me.
I've stopped making any effort with my appearance. I don't brush my hair and sometimes I don't even get time to shower first thing.
Andrew hasn't said anything, but I feel so embarrassed about my wobbly bits. He loved my body while I was pregnant, telling me he didn't care what it looked like afterwards.
"It's where our son grew," he said. "It will always be perfect to me."
A couple of friends who were pregnant at the same time seem to have sprung into shape. I'm telling myself it's just a combination of good genes and not having a sweet tooth. Seeing them makes me feel pressured to slim down. But the ice cream just tastes so good. Maybe I'll give it up after this pot¿
September 12, 2009
It's up to me to get back into shape and going cold turkey on the ice cream is the first step. Andrew's ready meal menus are also a thing of the past. Instead, I'm cooking healthy food like chicken casserole and shepherd's pie, then freezing extra portions. After a week, I've only lost half a pound. But it's a step in the right direction at least. And it's boosted my confidence.
Andrew's getting the benefit - normal marital relations have resumed. Well, as near to normal as possible. When we're having sex, I try to keep as still as possible. I don't want him to be put off by my wobbly bits! Ben and Jerry have a lot to answer for.
Clare at 12st 1lb and a size 14
October 14, 2009
My weight's held steady at 12st 13.5lb and I'm still a size 16. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. I don't know what I was expecting - it's not as if I've been sweating it out at the gym or anything. It's just so hard making exercise a priority when I've got William to look after. And I'd much rather be cooing over him than pounding away on a treadmill.
November 22, 2009
I've started going for gentle walks, a mile and a half into town and back. It feels good to start doing something positive for my body. I was starting to feel as if I was morphing into the sofa.
December 3, 2009
Heading to the park twice a week, I've started a new fitness class called 'Buggyfun'. A group of new mums all lunge, squat and run, using our prams to help with the exercises - much to the amusement of the babies inside.
I can really feel it in my muscles afterwards, and I have noticed the definition returning to my thighs. I've got down to 12st 5lb and can squeeze into a size 14. William doesn't seem too puzzled watching Mummy bob up and down, puffing and panting. But I'm sure we've given the other people in the park a bit of a laugh.
January 3, 2010
Put 2lb on over Christmas. Well, I guess it was inevitable. We took to visit family in Liverpool and there were chocolates and mince pies everywhere. I also went out on the town for the first time since William was born and indulged in a few glasses of wine. The calories in alcohol are horrendous, but it was Christmas.
February 22, 2010
I've lost nearly half a stone, taking me down to 12st 1lb. People have started to notice too and Andrew's glad I feel better about myself. Our sex life has certainly improved now I'm feeling more confident!
Unlike celeb mums, I don't have a nanny, a night nurse or a personal trainer. Becoming a mum means my body has changed - probably forever. But it's not anything a few trips to the gym won't start to sort out. I've got a little way to go before I get back to 11st 5lb, but if I carry on like this, I think I'll hit my target. But I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't.
The mummy tummy, the floppy breasts, the dimples of cellulite - they're all part of me now. Yes, my body has changed, but it's given me a gorgeous son.
I want to enjoy my baby and my time as a new mum. Plus, my favourite wrap dress does hide a multitude of sins...
Clare's typical healthy day's menu
Breakfast: a low-cal bagel with Philadelphia Light and a slice of ham, cup of coffee with skimmed milk
Lunch: leftover wholemeal pasta with tomato sauce with a little grated cheese, a banana and a tangerine, glass of water
Snack: bag of crisps or a KitKat
Dinner: chicken casserole with chunky veg, glass of water
Registered dietician Juliette Kellow's devised an easy-to-follow post-baby diet plan:

Life undoubtedly changes beyond belief once you become a mum - and chances are, your waistline will too. Follow these top tips to get back in shape safely and sensibly.
  • Aim to lose any extra pounds gradually. Health experts say it's important to lose those excess baby pounds and get back to your pre-pregnancy weight or even lower if you were overweight or obese to start with. This is even more important if you're planning on having another baby at some point in the future. But it's important not to rush things. Concentrate on eating a healthy, balanced diet that's based on starchy, fibre-rich foods, lean protein-rich foods, reduced-fat dairy products and five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. At the same time cut back on fatty, sugary and salty foods. For more information on how to eat a healthy diet visit the Food Standards Agency website at
  • Breastfeed if you can - it's one of the best ways to help start shifting those extra baby pounds as you need around 500 calories more each day to produce breast milk. Your midwife should be able to give you more information. Bear in mind though that breastfeeding doesn't automatically shift those pounds. Many women find that breastfeeding increases their appetite dramatically so they end up eating more. Furthermore, this is often combined with less activity, so some new mums actually find themselves gaining weight rather losing it.
  • Gradually increase your activity - although new mums are often advised not to diet or exercise when they are breastfeeding, that doesn't mean you should become lazy. Walking is a great way to start exercising - and your new baby will love being out in the fresh air. However, you should always check with your GP or midwife before embarking on a strict exercise regime after having a baby - even more so if you've had a caesarean section.
  • Once you've stopped breastfeeding, if you still have excess weight to lose, continue with a healthy, balanced diet but reduce your calorie intake slightly - to around 1,500 calories a day. This should help you lose around 1lb a week, whilst still giving you enough energy to look after your little one.
  • Keep a close eye on your weight - that's not to suggest you should be jumping on the scales every day. But aim to weigh yourself once every fortnight. Research shows it's really important to avoid gaining weight after a pregnancy, especially if you're planning on having another baby as this is strongly linked with complications for both mother and baby. Swedish scientists found the risk of pre-eclampsia and diabetes increased if a woman's Body Mass Index (BMI) increased by just one to two units from the beginning of her first pregnancy to the beginning of her second pregnancy. A rise of more than three BMI units, for example from a BMI of 26 to 29, increased the risk of stillbirths.
  • Breastfeeding increases your requirements for many vitamins and minerals - this means it's even more important to eat a healthy diet that's packed with nutritious foods. In particular, breast-feeding almost doubles your requirements for calcium so that you provide a good quality breast milk for your baby. Aim to have five servings of lower-fat dairy products each day where a serving is equivalent to 200ml skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, one small pot of low-fat yogurt or 30g of lower-fat cheese.
  • Boost your iron intake - pregnancy and childbirth can deplete your stores of iron and this can lead to anaemia, the symptoms of which include extreme tiredness. Eating a diet packed with iron-rich foods before and during your pregnancy will help but it's also important once you've given birth. Good sources of iron include red meat, oil-rich fish, pulses, bread, green vegetables and fortified breakfast cereals. If you follow a veggie diet ask your GP or midwife for advice or visit The Vegetarian Society ( and download a free copy of their booklet Vegetarian Pregnancy, Vegetarian Babies. Also get a copy of their information sheet on iron at
  • If you're breastfeeding, continue to avoid drinking alcohol or have only small amounts - alcohol can pass into your breast milk so that it smells different to your baby and may affect his or her feeding, sleeping or digestion. Skipping booze may also help you to shift those pounds - most alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories but little else.

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