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суббота, 18 февраля 2017 г.

Simple Eye Care Facts and Tips

Whether or not you believe that eyes are the windows to your soul, you have to agree that your eyes are pretty much important to your life. So much that you cannot imagine living life if something bad ever happened to them. In reality, though, we barely give our eyes the proper care they need. Read on about eye care and see things more clearly.
Too much staring at your computer monitor can strain your eyes. Be sure to move about and shift your gaze after every 50 minutes in front of your computer. Not only will this improve your body’s circulation it will also give time for your eyes to be at ease.
Be particular with makeup. Eye makeup can have very harmful ingredients so buy the ones that are more natural, and wipe off makeup completely.
Keep the soft skin around your eyes well nourished with light moisturizers to avoid getting wrinkles at an early age.
Young people and children have larger pupils than adults, which means their eyes are more exposed to harmful sun rays. Wearing proper eye wear like sunglasses when it’s too sunny outside is a good way to protect your eyes against UV rays.
Go to your eye doctor regularly. It is important to have your doctor check your eyes at least twice a year. Also, consult with your doctor before you self-medicate when you’re feeling something wrong with your vision.
Avoid touching your eyes. Your fingers are among the dirtiest parts of your body, so make sure you don’t touch your eyes if you don’t have to. Use a clean tissue if you have to remove something or wash your hands first.

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