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понедельник, 6 февраля 2017 г.

TIPS: How to Dust

Cleaning is one tedious chore. However, you need not always clean your house top to bottom every time. A bit of dusting and clutter runs here and there would stretch the time between hardcore cleaning.
Dusting has its own requirements and techniques to ensure that dust is effectively eliminated and that your furniture surfaces would be safe. Some think that wiping or brushing off dust using a feather duster is all there is into it. However, using the wrong materials can easily scratch and damage your furniture.
Cover your nose and mouth. If you think the cleaners of old look silly with their hair and faces covered with some cloth, think again. Dust is a well-known allergen. If you’re allergic to dust, investing on a mask to wear with overalls would be a good idea.
Dust cloths. A lot of dust cloths are commercially available nowadays. These are mostly chemically treated fabrics that conveniently pick up dust. If you don’t want to buy one, rummage through your old stuff and look for soft cotton fabrics or wool. These naturally absorb dust and would not scratch surfaces.
Dusting. Make sure that the cloth is clean before you start wiping. Dust and other particles can form an abrasive film on the cloth’s surface so make sure that you fold and turn you dust cloth once in a while.
Polishers. If you are going to use those commercial furniture cleaners, make sure to read the label on how to use them. It is better most of the time to spritz or spray the cleaner on the dust cloth rather than on the furniture.
Dusters. Feather dusters work by just whisking dust around. There are commercial dusters with handles that’s made from chemically treated fabrics that produce static to attract dust particles. If you want to go natural, a duster with wool head would be your best bet.
Work from top to bottom. As a guide to cleaning, it’s always go top to bottom. This way, dust that go airborne from higher places would settle down to lower places. This is to avoid dust from messing those surfaces that you’ve just cleaned.

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