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воскресенье, 5 февраля 2017 г.

We rode-test the latest fitness gadgets. Hi-tech body blitzers

Reckon the only way to get healthy and honed involves sweaty exercise classes, smelly changing rooms and, well, pain? Research has found that 60 per cent of people give up their regular gym routine six months after joining, but don't worry, a host of new fitness gadgets claim to tone and trim without you hitting the treadmill.
And, says personal trainer Stuart Amory, they can give good results. "These gadgets are a fun way to get active without it feeling like a chore," he says. Some are wacky, some are weird, but all promise to banish wobbles. We put them to the test...
If you want: A FLAT STOMACH
Try: The Flexi-bar, a 5ft-long, weighted fibreglass stick that you hold in the middle and wobble while you exercise. It uses the same concept as the Power Plate - the wobbling creates vibrations that work your deep core muscles.
Our tester: "I used it at home and followed the videos on the Flexi-bar website," says Lydia Sanchez, 34, a jewellery maker from Hertfordshire. "It felt weird, but it was easy and I saw the results within a few weeks. My abs and arms are much more toned and my back is stronger."
Our expert: "A brilliant addition to any workout,' says Dean Hodgkin, fitness expert at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro ( "Any exercise you do while holding the bar is more effective. It's great for core strength, toned arms and shoulders and fab abs."
Where can I get one? The Flexi-bar costs £69.99, including two workout DVDs. Visit 9/10
If you want: TONED LEGS
Try: FitFlops - the 'flip-flop with the gym built in'. They claim to improve your posture, and tone your legs and bum while you walk.
Our tester: "My legs feel the workout but they never ache," says Kate Adams, 34, a digital publisher from Dorset. "I wore the FitFlops for three months and I've seen an improvement in my cellulite."
Our expert: "They put your feet in the best position for walking and improve posture," says Kathryn Harrold, a podiatrist at Shuropody. "They're no substitute for a proper workout, but I can see how they'd improve muscle tone."
Where can I get some? FitFlops cost from £36. Visit 9/10
If you want: A PERT BUM
Try: Lipo Contour Elite. The makers claim these skin-tight leggings help cellulite and excess inches melt away, using the principles of massage, heat and pressure.

Our tester: "I've worn them for four hours a day and lost over an inch from my bum and hips and two from my waist," says Polly Devenish, 31, a full-time mum from Woking
Our expert: "These are just a pressure garment," says plastic surgeon Fazel Fatah. "They're a great quick fix, but any drop in size will be temporary."
Where can I get some? Lipo Contour Elite shorts cost £79.95. Visit 5/10
Try: EA Active Personal Trainer for Wii. This new game promises a 'personal trainer in a box'. You use the console controls and a resistance band, plus there's tips and support on screen.
Our celebrity tester: "This is great fun and doesn't take two hours out of my day like going to the gym," says singer Alesha Dixon, 30. "I can do 20 minutes in the morning and evening. It's a brilliant way to motivate yourself."

Our expert: "Games consoles are great if you have kids or are too body-conscious for the gym," says personal trainer Stuart Amory.
Where can I get one? EA Active Personal Trainer for Wii costs £44.99. Visit 8/10
If you want: THIGHS OF STEEL
Try: The iJoyride, a mechanical horse that works your core muscles in the same way as horse-riding does. Use the machine for 15 minutes twice a day and you'll burn up to 200 calories, strengthen, tone and shape your stomach, thighs and buttocks. In eight weeks you could drop a dress size.
Our tester: "The machine has different speeds so you can trot, canter or gallop," says Brigit Grant, 38, a writer from London. "I felt daft riding a bucking bronco in my bedroom, but the thigh-grip required to stay on was intense and the more I leant back, the more my stomach muscles and thighs tightened. After having my baby two years ago, I haven't worn low-slung jeans, but after two weeks, my nightly iJoyride in front of EastEnders has reduced my overhang."
Our expert: "It takes a surprising amount of energy for your body to maintain stability, so this is good for calorie burning," explains fitness coach Mark Bailey. "It constantly moves your centre of gravity so you need to use energy to keep yourself stable."
Where can I get one? The iJoyride costs £399 from or call 020 7788 6668. 6/10

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