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четверг, 2 февраля 2017 г.

Workplace Watch: How to Make Yourself Heard in the Office

What is your plan to achieve success in your work? If it’s kissing your boss’s ass every working day then forget it! We have way better methods. Work your way to the top by getting heard and be understood by your officemates. Know and learn what it takes to put forward your best ideas.
Communication techniques. Everyday, in the course of your work you talk to a variety of people. How do you become a good communicator and successfully adopt a communication aptitude that’s going to take you places? Number 1 — listen. Master your ability to listen and listen carefully. When your boss calls for a meeting, bring a pen and your notebook and take down key points in the discussion like you would in class. To make sure you are getting all your boss’ agenda, clarify these points before the meeting ends. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
Pick your venue. You can’t just barge in your boss’ office and push your agenda. Not in his “house.” You have to pick spots. Perhaps subtle messages by the water cooler is a much better option. Remember that even in offices, territories exist. So pick more neutral grounds to get your message across.
Be aware if your boss’ expectations. Before anything else, know and keep in mind what your boss’ expects from you. Knowing what he wants and how he wants you to do your work will keep you focused on your deliverables. If you are strictly observing your duties and schedule then you won’t miss another deadline.
Planning and discussing a project effectively. When your boss suddenly announces that you have a new project but he’s not calling a meeting to plan and discuss the details, make sure to communicate using alternative methods. Email your boss about the project, ask specific questions about it, know when the deadline is for the whole preparations, and write these things down in your notebook. If you suddenly noticed that your boss has a few minutes to spare, ask if he can discuss with you the details about the new project. Nothing beats enthusiasm!

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