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пятница, 17 марта 2017 г.

It’s not just celebs like Stephanie Beacham who are glamorous grannies.

 These five women might have grandkids, but there’s not a grey hair or walking stick in sight...

ENID: 'I'm a skinny dipping biker chick'

Dr Enid Taylor is a natural medicine practitioner from Hitchin, Herts. She's married to Glenn, 55, and has three daughters, Melissa, 35, Sarah, 33 and Laura, 28, and two grandchildren, Daniel, 10 and Amber, eight.

"Part of me is still waiting to grow up - inside I still feel 18. The other night, my husband Glenn and I went skinny-dipping in the hot tub on our veranda, playing '60s music at full blast, and having such a giggle.
I've always been aware of the importance of treating your body well. I think if you feed it the right things, it'll perform for you better for longer. I have a very defined diet, and eat only raw food for five months of the year. It makes my eyes sparkle, my skin glow, and gives me lots of energy. I also regularly have colonic irrigation. But if in a few years time I feel I would benefit from a little cosmetic surgery, I'll have no problem with that.
Ironically, when I was younger, I looked older - I was getting into pubs when I was 13! I got married at 17 and had my first child at 18, so I suppose I was eager to get on with life. But after I'd brought up my girls, I wanted a new challenge and at 36 went to college to study psychology.

Enid on holiday in 2004
It was a revelation. Before mixing with all my fellow students, I used to dress quite frumpily, in sensible suits and an awful grey felt hat! But I felt I was rediscovering myself, and I started to dress younger. Now I love labels like Karen Millen and Reiss. Sometimes my daughter Laura and I swap clothes, as we're both a size 12.
I'm proud of my figure. The photo of me in my bikini was taken six years ago in the Maldives. Glenn loves it so much it's his screensaver, and I've got it as my profile photo on Facebook.
Glenn tells me that younger men check me out in the street. I never pay any attention - I'm happy with what I've got - but it's very flattering.
I was 43 when my first grandchild, Daniel, was born. Three years later, I got my motorbike licence. I like to keep doing new things. In 2007, I walked over hot coals after attending a motivational seminar! I also love doing activities with my grandchildren Daniel and Amber - going for walks, making collages, going on nature trails. I've been mistaken for their mother, too. Once we were at a cafe and the waitress told Amber: 'Give the change to your mum, dear.' I laughed, but I definitely didn't correct her!"

CAROL: 'I'd rather be rocking out than knitting'

Carol Urwin, 53, is an NHS administrator from Blackpool. She's single and has five children, Andrew, 35, Jenny, 31, Becky, 30, James, 28, and Alice, 15, and six grandchildren, Kevin, five, Kayne, Ewan and Milly, all four, Tashie, 18 months and Lucie, four months.
"As the lights dimmed at the MEN Arena, Manchester, and pop star Pink strutted out on stage, I jumped to my feet.
Surrounded by other screaming fans, I knew I was much older than most of them, but I didn't care. Live music has always been my passion and I'm not going to stop going to gigs just because I'm a grandma now. I'd rather be rocking out than knitting any day.
At the moment I'm loving Dizzee Rascal, Alicia Keys and Green Day. Just because I'm in my 50s doesn't mean I'm ready to start listening to classical music.
I love being Nana to my six grandchildren and I'm glad I'm still fit and energetic enough to run around after them.

Carol in her early 20's
I take a lot of pride in my appearance. Looking good makes me feel confident. My favourite shops are New Look and River Island. I like to get ideas from the designer stores and then recreate them on the high street. And I have a huge collection of shoes and bags.
My teenage daughter Alice and I often shop in the same places, but she doesn't mind - she's proud of my appearance. All my children tell me I look great.
The only time I don't wear make-up is if I'm relaxing at home. I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without wearing my foundation, mascara and lippy. And I have my hair cut and highlighted every month.
I'm not looking forward to ageing but even if I could afford it, I wouldn't go under the knife. Old women who've had facelifts look ridiculous.
I'll keep colouring my hair and staying fit by walking my dogs, but beyond that I plan to age naturally.
When I go out with friends for drinks, I still get attention from younger men. It's nice to know I can catch a man's eye even though I'm a grandma!"

SUSIE: 'I worried about being 30 but I'm loving my 60s!'

Susie Bennett, 64, is a model from Bath. She's separated, and has two children, Nancy, 42, and James, 40, and five grandchildren, Lola and Ruby, both 10, Maria, seven, Mo, five, and Eve, two.
"Looking young for my age can have its disadvantages. I recently went for a model casting for a catalogue advertising shoot - they were looking for a model in her 60s who was a grandmother in real life. When I turned up, all the other women at the casting had grey hair. I knew straightaway I wouldn't get the job.
It's happened before - when the client meets me, they tell me I look too young to be a granny. It's incredibly flattering, but to be honest I'd rather have the work!

Susie when she was 26
I can't entirely credit my lifestyle for why I look younger than I am. I used to love sunbathing, I occasionally smoke, and I don't deprive myself of any of the foods I love like butter, cheese, cream and chocolate! I can only put it down to good genes.
I do try to look after myself, though. I think it's important to stay as healthy as you can for as long as possible. I exercise five times a week - I do spinning and body pump classes, I go for walks, and I have a personal trainer at the gym.
And for the past nine years, I've had Botox every six months, which I think is perfectly acceptable.
I was worried about ageing when I was younger. I had black mourning candles on my birthday cake when I was 30 as I thought it was all downhill after that. But now I'm loving my 60s! To me, age isn't a number, it's an attitude."

JACKIE: 'Subtle surgery keeps me sexy'

Jackie Commissar, 59, runs a Curves fitness centre in north London. She's married to Tony, 67, and has a son Rob, 30, and a daughter, Katie, 35, and two children, Harry, three, and Ruby, six months.

"The other day, I found myself dancing round the living room to the Black Eyed Peas. It's something I do quite often with my grandson, Harry. He loves it, and I'm so pleased that I feel young and energetic enough to be able to do it.
Looking young is very important to me. I'll be the first to admit, I'm incredibly vain. But my sister and mum are too. Mum is 91 and still gets her hair coloured, so you could say it runs in the family!
I've always worked in the beauty and fitness industries. I was a hairdresser for years, then I had my own beauty salon, and now I run a fitness centre for women.
I'm lucky that I don't have many lines on my face, but I take after my mum in that respect. In 2005, I had Restylane, a temporary filler, injected in the skin between my nose and mouth to plump it out, and I wouldn't rule out more cosmetic surgery in the future.

Jackie aged 16
Two years ago, I embarked on a strict fitness regime as I was at least a stone overweight. Now, thanks to regular exercise and cutting out wine, white bread, pasta and processed food, I'm a size 12. I feel better now than I did a decade ago.
I love the fact that I run my own business, and I really enjoy spending time with my children and their friends - I think it help keeps me young, too. My daughter even invites me along to nights out and I'm always on hand to give advice if either Rob or Katie need it.
I couldn't wait to be a grandma. Sometimes I feel a bit scared about turning 60 - it's such a milestone. But with the Black Eyed Peas on repeat, I know I'll feel young for years to come."

MAGGIE: 'I'm 65 but I still get chatted up'

Maggie Armitage, 65, is a model from Islington, north London. She's divorced and has two daughters, Poppy, 34, and Amber, 32, and two grandchildren, Elliot, eight, and Eva, three.

"When my grandchildren cuddle up with their Nanny Maggie for a bedtime story, little do they know that I used to be one of Hugh Hefner's Playboy bunnies.
I was one of the 150 original bunnies that were recruited to work at the Playboy Club on Park Lane in London in the '60s.
I wore a black boned corset, a fluffy tail, ears, black tights and heels and worked five nights a week serving drinks, mingling and chatting with the customers.
The club had a casino, a nightclub, restaurants - it was five floors of hedonistic fun and I had the privilege of experiencing it all first hand. I regularly won the award for Bunny of the Week and met Hugh Hefner many times.
I have a portrait of myself as a Bunny that hangs over my bed - they were really good times.

Maggie was a Playboy Bunny
Over 30 years on, I still think I scrub up pretty well! I regularly get chatted up by younger men when I'm at parties, but I rarely tell them my age. As soon as you say you're a granny in your 60s, you're pigeonholed because society is so ageist.
I used to be an exercise teacher but now I keep fit by doing Pilates and tap dancing.
Fashion's always been important to me, and I was wearing vintage long before it was considered trendy. I shop in vintage and charity shops and I also love Monsoon.
When I split with my husband 25 years ago, I decided to do something dramatic to my appearance. I'd always hated the shape of my nose, so I had surgery to reduce it in size. I instantly felt more confident. Two years ago I had Botox around my eyes, which made me look a bit less tired.
I'd jump at the chance to have more extreme surgery. A facelift, liposuction I'd have it all if I could afford it! Why would anyone want to age gracefully? I plan to keep the wrinkles at bay forever if I can."

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