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понедельник, 6 марта 2017 г.

Listen to your inner body clock and you’ll be healthier, happier and richer

Ever wondered why you wake up at 5am even on a weekend? Well, that's your body telling you that now is the best time to get up. What it hasn't taken into consideration is the half a bottle of Pinot you drank while watching Gossip Girl. Sigh.
But like it or not, we're ruled by our internal clock and it's time to start listening to it. "Your body clock is part of the brain, which works on a cycle called circadian rhythms of just over 24 hours," explains This Morning's Dr Chris Steele. "For example, body temperature drops at 5am, hence you often wake at this ungodly hour as your body clock thinks it's time to get up."
So whether it's asking for a pay rise or making a baby, we've figured out the perfect time to do it.
7.00am Do it now! Try for a baby 

Why? It's not called morning glory for nothing. "Libido peaks for men and women in the morning as testosterone levels are at their highest," says Dr Chris. "Plus, men's sperm count is at its highest and as women often begin ovulating around midnight, by 7am it's the perfect time to conceive."
10.00am Do it now! Ask for a pay rise 

Why? "Your levels of stress hormone cortisol are higher in the morning, giving you more energy," explains stress expert Liz Tucker. "Research also shows the brain is most active at this point in the day so it's perfect if you want to make a quick decision." One study* even discovered that Wednesdays are the best day to accost your boss, with 78 per cent of bosses saying that's when they're most receptive to talking about money matters.
12.00 Do it now! Eat carbs

Why? "Have a carb fix now as it'll fuel you through the afternoon," explains nutritionist Vicki Edgson. "Stick to complex carbs such as brown rice with a protein like chicken. Otherwise the blood sugar crash will make your afternoon slump worse."
15.00 Do it now! Have a leg wax 

Why? "Your pain tolerance peaks at this time, as levels of endorphin, your body's natural painkiller, are at their highest," explains Dr Chris. Avoid the days before and at the beginning of your period though, as your pain threshold plummets.
17.00 Do it now! Work out 

Why? Hate getting up for the gym before work? Then don't. "Studies have shown that working out at teatime is best as muscles are warm, body temperature is at its highest, lung function peaks and you're at your strongest and most flexible," says health and fitness manager David Coulthard. "Because your body is at its peak at this time of day, getting fit will seem less effort." Bonus!
18.00 Do it now! Have a tricky conversation 

Why? "If you have something difficult to deal with, put it off until the early evening," reveals Liz Tucker. "Your stress hormone levels are at their lowest during the evening so you're less likely to lose your temper and more likely to get the result you want."
19.00 Do it now! Take a supplement 

Why? Your cup of coffee or tea at breakfast can affect the way vitamins are absorbed because your body has less food inside to cope with them, so take supplements with your main meal in the evening. "The bigger your meal, the more gastric enzymes are produced," says Shabir Dayar, a pharmacist at "These break down your nutrients more efficiently so supplements taken now will be most beneficial."
21.00 Do it now! Drink up

Why? "Liver enzymes increase after 8pm, so any alcohol you drink at this time is broken down much more efficiently into your body," says Solgar nutritional adviser David Crooks. But as they start decreasing by 10pm, best not to guzzle more than a few glasses, eh?
23.00 Do it now! Pop an antihistamine 

Why? Allergy sufferers, including those affected by hayfever, are most sensitive now, says Dr Chris. "Asthmatics should keep their inhaler close to hand at night," he warns. "You're 300 times more likely to have a severe attack at 3am when adrenaline and anti-inflammatory hormones are at their lowest.

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