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суббота, 11 марта 2017 г.

Quiz: Will you age like the A-List?

When it comes to holding back the years, no one does it quite as well as the celebs. Naomi, Halle, Sandra...

While we might convince ourselves it's due to the products they can afford, skin care is just the tip of the iceberg.
In fact, everything from the amount of Sauvignon you swill to how often you lose your rag affects how kind the years will be to you. "Only around 25 per cent of ageing is determined by your genes," says Dr Eric Asher, GP at The Third Space health centre ( "The remaining 75 per cent is down to lifestyle." Take our age gauge to discover your wrinkle rate for the future.

The Age Gauge

Read the questions and add up your score as you go.
1. How often do you lose your temper?
a) All the time (3)
b) I rarely get worked up about things (1)
c) Whenever someone pushes my buttons (2)
2. What's your usual drinking style?
a) I open a new bottle of wine most days (2)
b) Rarely more than a couple of glasses of wine a week (1)
c) Not much in the week, but I go cocktail-crazy at the weekend (3)
3. How often do you have sex?
a) Not often (3)
b) At least three times a week (1)
c) Regularly (2)
4. How much sun do you get?
a) I can't get enough (3)
b) I like being in the sun but never without SPF (2)
c) I try to avoid it (1)
5. Which colour foods do you eat most?
a) Beige (3)
b) Green (2)
c) A rainbow of variety (1)
6. How much sleep do you get on average?
a) Never enough (3)
b) A good seven or eight hours a night (1)
c) Not much, but I catch up at weekends (2)
7. How often do you resolve to lose pounds?
a) All the time, I'm the queen of yo-yo dieting (3)
b) Whenever my jeans feel a bit tight (2)
c) Never, I'm happy with my weight (1)
8. How many mates do you have?
a) I have five to 10 close friends (1)
b) Loads but not many close ones (3)
c) A few but I don't see them much (2)
9. When was the last time you laughed so much it hurt?
a) Not that long ago (2)
b) This morning - I do most days (1)
c) I can't remember (3)
10. Which of the following best describes your skincare regime?
a) My what?! I often sleep with my make-up on (3)
b) A splash of water and a splodge of moisturiser (2)
c) I cleanse and moisturise twice a day (1)
11. Which statement sounds most like you?
a) I say "Oof" every time I get up from the sofa (3)
b) I'm pretty active once I get going (2)
c) I'm always doing something, I find it hard to sit still (1)
12. What's your usual dental routine?
a) I brush twice a day (2)
b) I brush my teeth twice a day and always floss (1)
c) I sometimes forget to brush my teeth (3)

The results

You scored: 29-36
You're on track to... Look older than your years.
A stodgy diet, too much booze, not enough shut-eye they all speed up the ageing process. Time to take action!
Stop the clock: Get those trainers on - exercise is a vital age buster. "You lose muscle as you age," points out Dr Asher. "So working out is essential for preventing that telltale saggy skin." Plus, if you're struggling to meet your five-a-day, focus on antioxidant-rich superfoods. That means berries, red cabbage, beetroot and, oh go on then, a glass of red wine. And at the very least, floss your teeth. Studies show those who do are younger at heart, as the bacteria that cause gum disease can lead to inflammation of the arteries and, in turn, cardiovascular disease.
You scored: 21-28
You're on track to... Look good for your age.
You're pretty active, get your five-a-day and you're sensible in the sun. But there's still plenty you can do.
Stop the clock: With your busy lifestyle, are you sure you're getting enough sleep? Not getting your eight hours will add years to your body, wrecking your immunity and raising your risk of weight gain and heart disease. "If you're struggling to get enough kip at night, try taking siestas," suggests Suzi Grant, author of Alternative Ageing (Michael Joseph, £14.99). And watch your stress levels: new research from the University of California suggests long-term anxiety can actually injure cells and accelerate the ageing process. "Down time is incredibly important for restoring the body and keeping you young," says Suzi.
You scored: 12-20
You're on track to... Look amazing for your age.
Blimey, keep this up and they'll be asking you for ID at Threshers! But there's always room for improvement.
Stop the clock: New research from King's College London found moderate sun exposure can slow the ageing process by boosting levels of vitamin D (just remember sunscreen!).

Also, your diet might be great but don't scrimp on lean protein and essential fats from fish and seeds, advises Sally Beare, author of The Anti-Ageing Diet ( "These foods are crucial for skin repair," she insists. And according to a study in the journal Rheumatology, laughing could help you live longer as it reduces inflammatory compounds in the blood. "There's no better way to a youthful glow," points out Suzi Grant.

Finally, more wrinkles in the sheets means fewer on your brow - couples who have sex three times a week could look 10 years younger than those who have it twice a week**.

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