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понедельник, 6 марта 2017 г.

Ready, get sexed, GO!

Sex drive done a runner?
Very once in a while you can't get enough of your man, but more often than not you'd rather veg out on the sofa than get busy between the sheets sound familiar? You're not alone. Figures show 30 per cent of women suffer from a lack of sex drive*, but even the sexperts don't quite know why.
"Most women get a surge of libido around the time they're ovulating, when testosterone strikes, while others say they feel sexier around their period," says sex therapist Dr Laura Berman. "But there's no such thing as 'normal'."
So if you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom, we've got the six sexiest ways.

73% of Brits are too tired to have sex**

Up your O-factor

Next time you're nearing orgasm, Dr Lisa Turner - the UK's top climax coach - suggests you stop. "I train clients to delay their orgasms," she says. "When you do finally let go, the result is mind-blowing."
Try it When you're about to orgasm, take a few deep breaths and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles (the ones that stretch from your pelvic bone to your tail bone) for a few seconds. "As you do that, imagine the arousal moving all the way up your body," says Dr Turner. "Delay your orgasm once or twice at first, working up to seven times then go for it!"
You can even become a sexpert at one of Dr Turner's workshops. Call 0845 468 1508 for details.

Get the Viagra effect

Viagra (literally) ups the bedroom ante by increasing blood flow to men's genitals - an effect that you can create by applying an amino acid called L-arginine to your intimate areas, increasing your sensitivity and the intensity of your orgasm.
Try it Durex Play O is our favourite of all the new L-arginine super-gels that have launched recently. It comes in a stylish bottle and a little bit goes a long way! In trials, 79 per cent of women using Durex Play O achieved orgasm. Nab yours for £14.99 at Boots - cheap thrills!

Tone for total bliss

Doctors recommend we keep our pelvic floor muscles toned, as they're essential for childbirth and a satisfying sex life. "Keeping these muscles strong and toned helps you to feel greater pleasure during sex," says Gill Brook, a women's health physiotherapist.
Try it The Athena Toner (£224.25 from improves the pelvic floor within a month by contracting and relaxing. Sound scary? Gill suggests 10 pelvic squeezes three times a day: "Imagine you're holding in a wee - for up to 10 seconds.

44% of women enjoy sex less after having a baby***

The natural love drug

You probably don't need us to tell you that stress is the biggest sex-drive killer of them all. But you don't have to take it, well, lying down.
"The stress hormone, cortisol, dampens sexual desire because it prevents our 'feel good' brain chemicals - which are essential for a healthy libido - from working as they should," says clinical nutritionist Naomi Beinart. "The herb rhodiola rosea can improve our body's resistance to stress and reduce levels of libido-dampening cortisol in the body."
Try it Fast-acting Magnolia Rhodiola Complex by Lifetime Vitamins (£22.50 for 60 capsules from is great for combating stress.

Pump up your passion

Testosterone can boost female libido. A prescription-only patch is available, but be warned, this has been linked with breast cancer and adverse side effects, so it's not really advisable unless your GP recommends it.
Instead, turn up testosterone levels naturally by increasing muscle, which "naturally boosts the testosterone hormone and, in turn, desire", says Dr Berman.
Try it Resistance training strengthens muscle tone so try a spot of military training - which is a lot more fun than slogging away at the gym. Check out The Official British Army Fitness Guide by fitness expert Sam Murphy for more tips.

Forget the rabbit, buy a mouse

Lack of arousal can suck - so turn this into a positive. "Women can benefit from suction therapy, which helps increase arousal through manual stimulation of the clitoris," says clinical psychosexual therapist Mary Clegg.
Try it Eros Therapy is a suction-based vacuum pump for the clitoris that's been dubbed the "Magic Mouse" because it looks much like the mouse you use on your PC - just don't get the two mixed up!
Use it for 10 minutes a night and within a few weeks your ability to become aroused should improve. Result! Get yours for £199.95 at

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