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понедельник, 17 апреля 2017 г.

Kirsty Gallacher looking swell

TV stunners shows off bikini-babe bod in the Caribbean 

 JAWS dropped when Kirsty Gallacher larked about on a Caribbean beach in a teeny blue bikini this week.
The TV babe showed off an ultra-toned body despite giving birth to her baby boy, Jude Sidney, only five months ago.

Scottish Kirsty, 32, showed she was game for a laugh as she kicked a football around with her fiance, Paul Sampson, 32.
But the TV presenter's super sports knowledge couldn't stop her taking a tumble as she tried to score against her rugby player lover.
SLIP UP: Kirsty takes a tumble

Kirsty's body has bounced back in record-breaking time since Jude was born in January.
An onlooker said: "Kirsty looked amazing. There wasn't a single man on that beach who could take their eyes off her."
THE BEAUTIFUL GAME: Kirsty saves a goal
"It's even more impressive considering she gave birth this year, most women never look that good but especially so soon after pregnancy."
The sexy star has spoken openly about her dislike of the way magazines airbrush pictures of celebrities. Earlier this month, she bravely posed for a cover shoot without any retouching.
But we're hardly surprised - this bonnie lass needs no help in that department, twenty-year-old girls would be over the moon for a figure like this.

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