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среда, 26 апреля 2017 г.

She's the daughter of Gordon Sumner - aka Sting - and has her debut album out this week.

She's the daughter of Gordon Sumner - aka Sting - and has her debut album out this week. But who is Coco Sumner and what is she actually made of?
Name: Coco Sumner ("After Coco the Clown," she says. "I was nicknamed after my brother's favourite toy." But her real name is Eliot.)
Age: 20
Is: The singer/songwriter of soon-to-be-massive band I Blame Coco.
Contacts: Dad is Sting. Mum is actress/planet-saviour Trudie Styler. Mates with Pete Doherty, Plan B and La Roux. Nuff said.
Hair: Straggly. Not for her the styling of the image-obsessed pop world. This is what our hair was like before God invented straighteners. Dark days.
Bow tie: Coco is a big fan of the androgynous look. It says serious artiste.
Key necklace: Is Coco making a fashion statement or just trying not to get locked out of her flat again?
Smoking jacket: Big news on the A/W catwalks. She was briefly a model, you know.
Shorts: Not to be confused with hot pants. Ever. Just baggy enough to show she knows about style, while skimpy enough to show off her impeccable pins (see 'ankle socks').
Brogues and ankle socks: The uniform of the edgy East Londoner. Only serves to emphasise how great her legs are.
I Blame Coco's debut album The Constant is out on November 1.

Don't Sugar the pill

Time to feel better about your life, career and general existence: The Apprentice is back on BBC1 this week, with another clutch of business 'brains' ready to amuse us with their idiocy. To celebrate, we've rounded up some of Lord Sugar's most scathingly genius comments over the years. Ouch.
"This is the job interview from hell. First prize, you get to work for me. Second prize don't exist."
"Could be you're here because you're good with words and know the right thing to say at the right time. I know the words to Candle In The Wind. It don't make me Elton John."
"Your mind seems like concrete to me - thoroughly mixed, but set in its ways."
"Well, you know how to work out redundancy on a calculator, don't you?"
"You're like my grandson coming round asking me to do his maths homework...he nods his head, but I ask him sometimes: 'Do you understand what I'm actually doing?'"
"You think you can play me? Well, let me tell you - I am as hard to play as a Stradivarius. And you lot, I can tell you, are as easy to play as bongo drums!"
"Business is not about come in, p**s my money up the wall, then 'Oh, never mind, sorry you lost it, now you've learnt your lesson, you won't do it again.'"
"I just don't know whether you're some sort of bloody nutter."
Left to right: House, The Event, Pretty Little Liars
Import-ant news America's finest - the shows we're getting ridiculously excited about

House Sky1 (Tonight, 10pm)
Our favourite ill-tempered doctor is back, cane in hand. This season, House and Cuddy have to deal with their feelings for each other, while Dr Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) continues to look outrageously hot.
The Event Channel 4 (mid-October)
When Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) goes looking for missing fiancée Leila (Sarah Roemer), he exposes the biggest cover-up in US history: corrupt politicians, conspiracy theories and high-octane drama.
Pretty Little Liars MTV (end of October)
Love Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl? Then you'll lurve this TV mash-up of the two. We're talking a missing teen queen, scary texts, dead bodies and whodunnits. Yay!
Robbie and Gary: a love story

With their single Shame out this week, the Robbie-Gary bromance is back on - but it hasn't all been plain sailing...


...Hollyoaks: Diane refuses to give up her stolen baby.
...Coronation Street: Nick asks his ex-wife Leanne to come and work for him.
...EastEnders: Alfie knows he's not the daddy.

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