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пятница, 28 апреля 2017 г.

Test. The more dead-end dates you have, the more you reckon that guys are from a different galaxy...

Stuck on the dating dark side? The more dead-end dates you have, the more you reckon that guys are from a different galaxy... What you need is a technique tweak

So, you've exhausted all your favourite bars and clubs, and have gone through all available friends of friends. And you don't know what's hotter - your credit card after the number of date outfits you've splashed out on, or your laptop thanks to all that online dating.
Yet no matter how hard you look for love nothing, nil, nada. "If dating isn't working, women often blame their appearance," says dating expert James Preece, aka The Dating Guru. "But it's more likely to be your technique that's in need of a makeover, not your wardrobe."
So, take our quiz, perfect your pulling persona and get lucky tonight!

1. Describe your supermarket shopping style
a) Straight in and out. You only go off-list for a half-price wine bargain. (2)
b) Tummy-led. You often shop when you're hungry and want everything! (1)
c) A mission. You can never decide what you want, so you trawl the aisles but end up with the usual favourites. (3)
2. You've got a date next Saturday. How's the outfit plan going?
a) You panic-bought three new LBDs but don't love any of them. And you feel guilty for blowing your pay packet. (3)
b) You'll just glam up your old favourite with lippy and eyeliner. (2)
c) The faithful jeans, dressy top and heels combo. Sexy, but not too sexy. (1)
3. A guy that ticks all your boxes walks into the bar. How do you react?
a) Down your wine and strut over. You don't want another girl getting in there first. (2)
b) Look over a couple of times, then leave it - otherwise you might come across as a desperado. (3)
c) Flash him a come-say-hi smile and pray he likes you. (1)
4. How do you behave in the Topshop changing room?
a) You won't try on a top unless you really like it. (3)
b) You take armfuls of clothes in - surely one item's got to work, right? (2)
c) You've got into the habit of buying clothes without even trying them on. (1)
5. Sex on the first date. A do or a don't?
a) Do. If you really 'click', why wait? (1)
b) Maybe. You'd usually keep it to a snog - but, you know, sometimes these things happen. (2)
c) Don't. You try not to even kiss guys on date one. (3)
6. You thought a date went well, but he hasn't texted you. How do you feel?
a) You take it personally - there was obviously something he didn't like about you. (1)
b) The chemistry just wasn't there between you. (2)
c) What a loser. You lowered your standards to see him. (3)
45% of men will fancy you less if you mention your weight or that you're on a diet*

Tick the statements that ring true:
You can tell a lot about a man from his star sign. (1)
I've been told that I talk too much at times. (2)
I'm guilty of seeing my exes through rose-tinted glasses. (3)
I'm very much a glass-half-full kinda girl. (1)
I'd cancel a date at short notice - even an hour before - if I had any doubts. (3)
I get bored quite easily in my own company. (2)
35 smiles an hour will lead to four men on average approaching you**
Add up your score for your pulling persona

0-10 You'll date anyone on this planet (or the next)
You hang off his every sentence and are so busy fantasising about saying: "I do" that you often see the relationship as what you want it to be, rather than what it actually is.
What you're doing right: "Seeing the best in people means you're open to relationships," says dating expert James Preece. "Too many women dismiss guys after a date, when research shows it can take weeks to fall in love."
What you're doing wrong: You're so desperate to be with someone that you read too much into little things like his star sign. You want to make him like you and virtually offer yourself on a plate within hours of meeting.
Pull tonight! "Don't be too eager," says James, adding: "Texting too soon after a date is a classic sign." Swap online dating (where you're likely to obsess over every email) for group social events - find one at
11-20 You're a bounty (or rather, booty!) hunter
When it comes to dating you're one dedicated girl - racking up more face-to-face dating time than Paris Hilton on the pull. So why haven't you met a half-decent bloke yet?
What you're doing right: "Meeting Mr Right is a numbers game, so putting yourself out there definitely increases your chances of finding him," says dating expert Rochelle Peachy.
What you're doing wrong: Your sergeant major-style mission to meet a man can come across as a tad, erm, aggressive! Pouncing on him from across the bar and grilling him on everything from his dating history to whether he wants kids can make it feel like a scary interview.
Pull tonight! Actually, maybe not tonight. "Have a break from dating - you'll come back to it feeling more positive," says Dr Gian Gonzaga from dating website "When you do find someone you like, relax and avoid being full-on," warns dating guru James Preece.
21+ You're not feeling the force. Ever
You spend your life browsing, but always come home empty-handed. Is your huge checklist holding you back?
What you're doing right: You value yourself and have high standards, so there's no chance of you settling with someone for the sake of it.
What you're doing wrong: You dismiss guys for the slightest thing (too much gel, bad shoes) and they pick up the signs. Your frosty body language screams: "I don't want to be here!" No wonder dates are thin on the ground.
Pull tonight! Scrap that list. "If he makes you laugh, surely it doesn't matter that he has a penchant for cheap shoes," says dating expert Rochelle Peachy. To keep your standards and avoid ending up on the shelf, Andrew Trees, author of Decoding Love, recommends his 'dozen rule'. So, instead of searching for The One (which Trees says is a myth), after dating a dozen men you like, you should find that the next person you date (and like) is a good fit.

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