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четверг, 4 мая 2017 г.

Lost your oomph? Don’t be too quick to blame work, home or play...

Lost your oomph? Don’t be too quick to blame work, home or play...

Two-thirds of Brits are exhausted, a recent survey found*. But while you may blame a lack of energy on your lifestyle, the culprit could lie closer to home. "Personality, rather than life's demands, has a huge impact on how fatigued you feel," says Bill Ford, author of High Energy Habits (Pocket Books, £7.99). "Your energy levels can be transformed by altering your outlook." Take our quiz to learn what traits zap you and how to fix them.
The quiz
Section 1: Work
1. When it comes to projects at work, I'd rather...
  • Get on and do it myself
  • Work together as a team
  • Be told what to do
2. Come 5.30pm...
  • I'm out the door
  • I spend my journey home thinking about tomorrow's tasks
  • I'll be on the phone making plans for drinks
3. When a work task doesn't quite go to plan I...
  • Hit the shops to cheer myself up
  • Move on, there are more important things to think about
  • Beat myself up for days

Section 2: Home
Tick the statements below that most apply to you
  • I'm always leaving things till the last minute
  • My house is Kim-and-Aggie spotless
  • I like photos of friends and family around me
  • My mind often races at night
  • My friends know I'll always answer the phone
  • I spend my life looking for things I've lost around the house
  • I can't live without my to-do lists
  • My cupboards are full of gadgets I've only used once
  • My home looks cosy and 'lived in'

Section 3: Play
Tick the statements below that most apply to you
  • I hate committing to nights out
  • People rarely live up to my expectations
  • My calendar is one long list of engagements
  • I always remember to send birthday and thank-you cards
  • I spend ages getting ready to go out
  • I worry about what people think of me
  • I prefer to leave decisions up to others
  • I always find fault with things, from books to restaurants

The results
Which colour did you tick most?

Burnout behaviour: Being too hard on yourself
You're an all-or-nothing person and you flit between feeling invincible and completely knackered. Your perfectionist tendencies mean you put too much pressure on yourself, whether it's at work or buying a gift for a friend. "Perfectionists are highly motivated, with plenty of energy," says Georgia Foster, author of The Stress Less Mind (Georgia Foster Publishing, £12.99). "The problem is they waste too much of it beating themselves up. They also find it hard to relax, so are prone to burnout."
SORT IT: "If you find yourself agonising over something like the wording of an email, stop," advises Bill Ford. "Ask yourself if the job requires a 9/10 for effort or if a 7 will do. By prioritising you'll save energy you can devote to things that really matter. And pat yourself on the back at the end of each day by listing three things you've achieved, then reward yourself with some down time."
Burnout behaviour: Always prioritising others
You get your buzz from being around people and have a social life to rival Paris Hilton's, but it means you run yourself ragged trying to keep up. "People pleasers prioritise others, so they find themselves rushing around with an endless list of errands," says Kirsty R Lowe ( "And as other people's demands take their toll, they're left with no energy to devote to themselves."
SORT IT: "Put your needs higher up your to-do list, by identifying one thing you really want to do each day," says Bill. "It could be as small as sitting down with a cuppa, but the main thing is you make it happen. This will encourage you to start putting yourself first and you'll notice your energy levels soar." Stop worrying about peoples' opinions of you, too, adds Kirsty. "If they're happy seeing you worn out trying to please them, then are they the kind of friends you need?"
Burnout behaviour: Putting things off
You get fired up when it comes to grand plans, but often feel exhausted before you've even begun. "Procrastinators make excuses and put stumbling blocks in the way of things," says Georgia. "The truth is, by putting off little jobs, like the washing-up, you don't have to tackle big things, such as losing weight. The result is you waste time and energy finding distractions like shopping, surfing the net or slobbing out on the sofa."
SORT IT: "People don't realise how much energy it takes to ignore unfinished tasks," says Bill. "They'll always be playing on your mind and creating stress." His top motivator? "Do three jobs you can complete in 15 minutes. The achievement will give you a burst of energy that'll help you start bigger tasks." If you really can't face a chore, try roping in some friends to help.

Oomph it up - now!
Stop the slump with these instant energisers
1: The super sip
Caffeine can leave you tired after the initial buzz, so sip water to rehydrate. Drink six to eight glasses a day - and one to two more for each hour of exercise.
2: The 15-minute recharge
The 15-minute Innersound Qi Energy treatment (at centres nationwide, £40, uses accupressure and sound vibrations to stimulate blood flow and release energy 'blockages', giving you an all-over energy boost.
3: The herbal healer
Vitrano tablets (£12.99 for 30, contain root of rhodiola rosea. After one month of taking it, 70 per cent of testers said they felt less tired.
4: Eat yourself energised
You can get cranky when blood-sugar levels drop. So keep them balanced ¿by tucking into brekkie, switching to wholemeal carbs and eating little and often.
5: The before-sport boost
Beetroot juice boosts stamina by 16 per cent by helping to raise oxygen uptake. Try sipping Beet It Stamina Shots, £1.79 (James one to three hours before sport.

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