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пятница, 5 мая 2017 г.

Shake up your shape-up. Same old workout stopped working out?

Try the latest kick-ass classes that make fat-fighting fun

Yawning in yoga? Bored of BodyPump? It's time to shake up your workout. "Changing classes regularly helps you stay motivated and keeps you in better shape as your body won't hit a plateau," says fitness trainer Dan Roberts ( To find a workout that works for you, try our latest fitness fixes
Get on your (VRX) bike
If you like spinning
You'll love VRX-Biking
Say what? This new, souped-up version of spinning includes a video screen and moving handlebars for an adrenaline-fuelled ride that burns up to 55 per cent more calories than a standard exercise bike. "Because you have to steer these bikes, you get an upper-body workout as well as a leg and bum blitz," explains fitness expert Kristoph Thompson. For proof of the benefits, just look at VRX vixen Eva Mendes. Precisely.
Sign me up! Classes are available at Everyone Active leisure centres nationwide, from £7 (
If you like yoga
You'll love fencing
Say what? That's right, swordsmanship couldn't be any more cutting edge. "Fencing involves incredible mental and physical control," explains fitness trainer Greg Brooks ( "It gives your brain a workout, and the fast footwork and lunges burn 400 calories an hour - sculpting your arms, defining those abs and creating a pert bum." Catherine Zeta-Jones famously took up the sword as training for The Mask Of Zorro, slashing inches all over - hardly surprising when just nine minutes of fencing is equivalent to running a mile!
Sign me up! Go to to find a class near you, from approximately £30 for six classes.
If you like exercise balls
You'll love IndoBoarding
A 'board-om'-free zone!
Say what? Surf chick Cameron Diaz is thought to be a fan of this quirky class, where you balance on a board that's placed on top of a roller (imagine a plank resting on a large rolling pin). Once you've mastered standing without wobbling, you can move on to squats, push-ups and weight training. "This is a tough class, but the results - better balance, coordination, flexibility and amazing abs - are so worth it," says trainer Jason Fern ( You'll be so busy having fun, or trying not to fall off, you won't notice you're balancing away 340 calories an hour.
Sign me up! Free classes are available at selected Fitness First gyms (, but you can buy your own board and give it a go at home (from £95,
If you like British Military Fitness
You'll love outdoor gyms
Fitness al fresco
Say what? While being barked at by an ex-squaddie might appeal to some, we've discovered a less fear-inducing way to tone up outdoors! The best bit? No punishment and no payment. Yep, it doesn't cost a penny, as more and more councils are installing free fitness equipment in UK parks, from chin-up bars to resistance machines and cross-trainers. "Most of these machines rely on body weight and gravity for resistance, giving a good all-over workout that can burn up to 500 calories," explains Dan. No wonder Dannii Minogue swore by regular workouts in the park to get in shape for last year's X Factor.
Sign me up! For your nearest outdoor gym, call your local council or visit or
If you like bodycombat
You'll love capoeira
Say what? Pronounced kappoo-air-ah, this martial-art-cum-dance originated on the hip-swinging streets of Brazil. Classes mix a unique combo of dance, self-defence and acrobatics - think flying kicks and spinning cartwheels - performed to sizzling, booty-shaking beats! "The moves dramatically improve coordination and flexibility, as well as toning shoulders, legs and bums in a body-blitzing 500-calorie workout," explains Dan. Need more inspiration to get signed up? Hot-bodied Halle Berry and Gisele Bündchen are both fans. Nuff said.
Sign me up! Classes are popping up all over the UK including selected Fitness First gyms (, from £10 per class.
If you like Pilates
You'll love Jukari
Say what? Sicilian for 'play', Jukari's been developed with Cirque de Soleil's high-flying acrobatic team and involves swinging round a gym studio as you grip on to a trapeze. Very Tarzan! It may involve much more obvious exertion than Pilates, but it targets similar muscles. "Hanging on to the bar takes incredible muscle control, helping to sculpt your arms, back and abs, and working off 500 calories an hour," says Dan. Just ask Sadie Frost - the 44-year-old mum-of-four credits regular trapeze sessions for her ridiculously flat tum.
Sign me up! Jukari classes are free at David Lloyd gyms nationwide (
If you like Power Plate
You'll love Power Boxing
Say what? Once we got our heads round the fact that doing a few stretches on a vibrating platform could yield serious results, we couldn't get enough. And we're not alone - the newly svelte Charlotte Church is hooked, too. Now Power Boxing has upped the game (think boxercise classes performed on a spin dryer). "The vibrations activate muscle fibres, so you get a more intensive workout - we're talking 400 calories an hour," explains Dan.
Sign me up! Visit and click on 'Plate Locator' to find your nearest class, from £20.

Get fit with your phone

The latest fitness apps make your smartphone a personal trainer and nutritionist in one. Just not while you're on the bus, eh?
iFitness Pick your wobbliest body part and this pocket-sized personal trainer will give you an instruction video with the best moves to get toned. There are over 100 exercises. £1.19, iTunes.
RunKeeper Download this, then take your smartphone on your next run and it will record your time, distance, pace, and even plot your exact route on Google Maps. £5.99, iTunes.
MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & diet tracker This lists the nutritional composition of more than 250,000 foods, and the calories burned for every kind of exercise imaginable, so you can log your calorie intake and plot a chart as the pounds drop off. Free from iTunes.

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